How to Add Rich Snippets in Wordpress in an Easy and Fast Way

It is important to note that Rich Snippets are considered HTML code snippets or extensions that are responsible for transmitting the function of the website. Surely at some point when viewing a web page you will have noticed or viewed some striking descriptions that many other sites do not have.

Likewise, these Rich Snippets fulfill the function of help search system in HTML documents. They also help to highlight some of the functions that your page has, since Google will always take into account the pages that help to understand your website in detail.

Steps to easily add Rich Snippets in WordPress

Add Rich Snippets in WordPress

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First of all, Rich Snippets are responsible for significantly increasing the percentage of clicks on the page. To achieve this you just have to enter WordPress and go to the administrator panel, there you will have to search «plugins» and click to select «add a new plugins». You also have the option to install premium templates or themes

Then in the session to add the plugins you must write «All In One Schema Rich Snippets«must be selected and installed and then activated.

After completing this step, you will be able to return to the main panel found on the left side of the screen and select the option to «Rich Snippets» which has a star before the word.

Later we can enter the configuration to be able to choose each of the options of your preference. There you will choose how you want your Rich Snippets to be displayed.

For example, when selecting the first option which is «Item Review» In this section you can add the title that you want to be displayed at the bottom of your page, such as the summary.

In this way you will be able to modify each of the configuration options. Then you can go to the top and select the option «customization» which stands for personalization.

In this place you can choose the color you want to be displayed in the box, which will contain the information you select in the configuration, such as the title or summary. You can also select the color for the title, you can also modify each of the options, as well as try among the various options to edit the Rich Snippets.

Find out how to use Rich Snippets

how to use Rich Snippets

Then you will find in the top menu the «frequent questions» or «FAQs» you can also go by modifying or selecting each one of them and finally you will see in the menu the option of «Getting Started». In it you will find instructions on how to start using the program’s features.

You can also finish the implementation of the Rich Snippets. To do this, you have to select the main menu option «entry« to be able to select a new blog entry. These tickets can be placed anywhere. Then you add the title and a text you must have a little patience, since Google takes a while to analyze it.

So when adding the text you can go to the bottom and select «configure Rich Snippets» in the drop-down menu you can select «review item». Since through this option you can see the stars that provide the classification of the page.

How to add the name of the author of the article?

In this section you can add the name of the person who created the article, then in «item to be reviewed» you can add what you are analyzing. In the last option you can select your own rating, so you can choose the number of stars you want to be displayed, generally four or five stars are chosen.

Then you can click publish and your URL link will automatically be associated with the Rich Snippets. Later you can copy the URL so that it is reflected in searches and then you can go to «Google Search Console» and later enter or copy the URL of your page.

Finally, you can view your page with the stars or Rich Snippets in the search panel. In this way you will have implemented the Rich in WordPress as you wanted.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to add Rich Snippets to Wordpress? Do you know of another method to add Rich Snippets in Wordpress? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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