How to Add Title Screens in the Middle, Beginning or End of a Video with Shotcut

Shotcut is a video editor, but it is worth mentioning that there are many video editors, both free and paid. It’s hard to get a video editor that is complete, powerful and at the same time free, but there are exceptions. The reality is that Shotcut is one of these video editing programs.

Shotcut is full of options, and the truth is that a program that has all these propositions is difficult to achieve. But this one meets all these scenarios, since it is a Open source program, suitable for any user.

Another feature that draws a lot of attention from this editor program is that it is multiplatform for you to carry out your work. When saying that it is multiplatform, it is that it consists of using this video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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In these you can make a video with photos and music and also your work with a professional result. Something about this editor is that it is quite advanced, and it is good to keep it in mind, since it can be difficult to use. It becomes complicated, it is using the numerous parameters that are more difficult, so the learning is more superior. There are programs to make attractive titles for your videos or other functions.

The ultimate intention of Shotcut is to have a large set of options with which to edit compositions. Also in this you can cut, copy and paste any content, since those are one of your functions as editor. It also separates the audio from the videos, mutes, hides and even locks the controls of the sound tracks and there is a way to watermark our videos. Shotcut uses filters with default or user-defined options.

Shotcut Features

As Shotcut is a very complete and feature-packed video editor, we are going to specify the most precise features that this powerful video editing software has.

shotcut program to edit videos with different functions

  • Languages: It is worth mentioning that it has great functionality, since it is available in: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Polish, etc.
  • Compatible with many codecs: These codecs are for both video and audio because it has FFmpeg.
  • Resolution up to 4K: The editor is capable of working with different resolutions, that makes it easy for us to modify any available video.
  • Capture content: Capture from varied sources like HDMI, webcam, SDI, JACK & PULSE audio, Windows DirectShow devices, etc.
  • Clear and simple interface: It deals with dragging and dropping files and filters, it has several sections that fit and unfit.
  • Image formats: This editor works with various image formats known as, for example: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG.
  • Portable use: It is very significant because it can be used as a portable application from an external hard drive. Having already learned about what it is and the characteristics of Shotcut, we are going to know its functions.

How to add title screens in a video with Shotcut?

Among the functions of Shotcut we have, add title screens in the middle, beginning or end of a video. To do this, we must carry out the following steps so that our work is facilitated through Shotcut.

shotcut program has functions like adding title screens

Step 1

Perform the software downloadDepending on your operating system, which can be the version for Windows, Linux and Mac. Open Shotcut, place the video on the timeline, in the first window, which says creation of the new project. Choose the route where it will be saved, you go adding videos, images and experimenting the different filters and effects.

Step 2

Tap on the tab open file, add it and then drag it to the left which is the playlist. Then open another, either a video and perform the same previous step, dragging it to the left.

Step 3

Later we give it to color and there we choose the one we want, we accept and visualize by pressing the timeline. Add the same video that was placed in the project and drag it there, reduce the size of the video.

Step 4

With the cursor where we want to divide the video and press the v key. This implants the video in that space. Place the normal or 3D text, cut what you require, place the effects that are precise for an excellent result.

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