How to Add to Google Maps All Fixed Radars in Spain and Receive Notices or Alerts

When we talk about Google Maps, we refer to a tool that gives you useful information on the state of traffic. So that you can look up directions from your mobile device. Now, Maps has allowed those who use it in Spain to activate radars that inform them while they are on the road.

The fixed radars of Spain have allowed have control on all roadsas these make drivers regulate speeds. These instruments are colloquially called as the enemies of drivers, since they measure the speed at which a vehicle can go and know if it has committed a fault.

What are fixed radars and how do they work?

Speed ​​cameras are devices that control the speed at which a vehicle can go; They are like cameras that are placed on all the main roads. In Spain, there are radars since 2008 and to date there are possibly some 2,484 between fixed, mobile and section radars.

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Fixed radars work with the Doppler effect; that allows, with a direct shot that is logically not seen, to know the speed at which a vehicle is traveling. In addition, these teams are developed with the ability to make a alarm sound and take a photo, when a vehicle is driving at high speed.

These speed measuring radars are nothing new; have been around since 1958, when Maurice Gatsonides proposed creating a team that would allow know the speed of a moving body.

This invention was not created with the purpose it has now, rather, on the contrary, it was only for measure speed and the position of a vehicle. This was so because, this character was passionate about speed and was also capable of slowing down by being unexpected.

What is Google Maps for?

Most of us know what this useful application is, a service that Google offers to give you your location in real time and to provide you with mapped directions so you can get there. As an advantage of Maps, people no longer have to buy maps or complicate themselves to understand a route, when they can know it from their mobile.

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As you can understand from this application, it makes the journey easier by following an address, because it even tells you where you must cross and which is the closest route. In addition to that, when marking an address it tells you with which vehicle (car, bus or walking) you can get to your destination faster.

Add to Google Maps the location of fixed speed cameras in Spain to give an alert

Google maps Being such a complete program, it has allowed to have the location of the fixed radars that are on the roads. Of course, this is not an option that appears just by entering the Maps application, it must be activated on our mobile device.

To be able to see activated the location of the radars; first, you have to open the bar where you put the address you want to reach and press the option «how to get». At this point you will have to choose one of the routes that Google Maps offers you, and you will automatically be able to see the fixed radars that you will find along the way.

If you zoom in on the map that Google shows you, you will be able to see the number of radars and also know details such as knowing the last time someone found it. The best part of knowing the location of the radars with Maps is that the app will ring when you are near one and you have to slow down or maintain speed.

Benefits obtained thanks to fixed radars

It must be remembered that it is thanks to these instruments that greatly decreased road accidents for speeding and lack of caution. And although these teams are responsible for forcing the driver to slow down, unless he wants to have fines, it is best that we always drive carefully.

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In addition to that, using applications such as Google’s Maps, allows drivers to have more responsibility when driving with a voice guide. So that, travel in a calmer way; of course, taking care that mobile devices do not distract us.

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