How to Adjust Cell Size to Text Length in Excel (Example)

Have you ever wondered if you can adjust the size of cells to the length of a text in Excel? Or maybe how is it done? Regardless of the doubt you have, here we will teach you the simplest steps you must take to achieve it.

How to adjust the size of cells to the length of a text in Excel

Excel is a component of the Microsoft Office package that has many advantages, as well as the possibility of creating endless formats of spreadsheets, spreadsheets, among others.

Now, adjust the size of your cells to the text length in excel, it is not a difficult step. First, you should know that there are several methods to adjust the size of cells in Excel, we will see which are the 3 most used.

Adjusting the size of cells by cursor

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This method consists mainly of placing the text in the cell you want, once placed you must guide the mouse cursor to the right edge of the cell that identifies the column, either with the letters A, B, C …, among others.

After that, you should observe that your cursor will turn into a black cross, with two arrows on the sides; as indicated in the following image.

resize cells by cursor

Finally, you will double click on said border; you will see that the size of the cell will automatically adjust to the length of the text you placed.

The combination of cells

This second method consists of placing the text in the desired cell and after that, visually verify which is the estimate of cells needed to cover the length of the text placed. In the following image, the same text of the previous method was placed; in this case, we visually determine that said text would need 4 cells, A, B, C and D, to cover its length.

second method Combining cells

That is why it selects the 4 cells, leaving the mouse cursor pressed on the first one, where you placed the text, and later dragging it to the fourth.

Next, press the option located in the section of «BEGINNING» from the top bar in the panel, which says «Merge and center»; and in this other way you can adjust the size of the cell to the length of the placed text.

In addition, this second method has an advantage, and that is that when you adjust the size of the cell to the length of your text, the other cells in the main column they are not affected in their size, as it happens in the first method.

Wrapping text in Excel in cell

This last method is a bit different, since it consists mainly of adjusting cell size in which we want to enter the text, so that regardless of its length, it is made up of several lines within the same cell.

To achieve this, we must position the cursor on the right border of the cell, which identifies the column and once that is done, we will hold down the cursor and drag it until the cell takes the size we want.

Finally, you must place the text, and although its length is larger than the size of the cell that is defined, select the option in the top bar that says “Adjust text”.

Once the option is selected, you can see how text wraps perfectly; making several lines matching the size of the cell we edit.

So in a quick and easy way you could learn how to adjust the size of the cells to the length of the text in Excel, with just 3 practical methods. If you liked it, do not forget to share and leave us your comment, because you motivate us to provide you with top quality information.

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