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The way of advertising has undergone constant evolutions thanks to technological advances. There are more and more channels for the creation and design of digital content that are used as marketing strategies.

Social networks have served as an ideal space for the establishment of businesses that seek increase your sales. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are positioned as the best spaces to publicize your brand or company. However, WhatsApp was not far behind joining the marketing world in a sophisticated and elegant way.

WhatsApp Business

Although WhatsApp was born as a text messaging application between people, it has implemented tools that have been used for the disclosure of advertising content, which little by little would become more common for communications between people and companies.

WhatsApp Business

Later, the constant need of users or client portfolio to maintain direct communication with a company or brand to make inquiries about the availability of products or services, budget and ordering, caused that, in 2017, the launch of the WhatsApp Business platform.

What’s different about WhatsApp Business?

This modality of WhatsApp is perfect for small and medium-sized companies, maintaining organization and service tools to provide better service to customers.

The functionality is practically identical to that of WhatsApp Messenger, making a difference in some specific tools such as:

  • Personalization: The Business mode of the most popular messaging application in the world, requests a quantity of information so that your clients can have a more exact knowledge of your brand or company: location, activity carried out, email and website.
  • Inmediate attention: It has tools that will allow you to respond to your customers quickly as soon as they try to contact you, even when there is no availability to serve them. The automation of the message is also customizable, so, in the most peculiar way possible, you can let the people who try to contact the company know that they will be taken care of shortly.
  • Proportion of statistics: You have the possibility of doing an analysis of attention thanks to the statistics of messages received, sent, delivered and read in a satisfactory way.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business

That your client portfolio can have a contact number With the company, it helps communication to be more effective and closer than through any other social network. Which is already a huge advantage.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business

  • Your contacts (clients) will be able to know more immediately the offers or new products that the company makes available, as well as discounts and promotions.
  • Main means of dissemination for conducting raffles.
  • Efficiency and organization for the orders requested by customers.

Online advertising

Take full advantage of each and every one of the tools and options available to create an online advertising campaign that is attractive and that stands out in originality.

  • Profile picture: This will be the presentation of your company on the platform, so you must make sure that it is striking, without too much burden and easy to recognize.
  • Emojis: These elements provide positive feelings to personalized messages for quick responses, generating that the client feels more confidence and security when establishing contact with the company.
  • state: The fastest way to promote new products, services and promotions is by publishing them through this tool.
  • Diffusion: The distribution list can be an excellent tool to use as a kind of communication, through which you can announce changes in schedules for customer service, promotions and new services available.
  • Publications according to the time: It is always important to create images with messages according to a holiday. These dates could also be used to launch promotions or giveaways to increase communication with your customers, also generating a significant increase in sales.

Complement with other applications

Based on the operating system that you can use on your mobile phone or computer, you can use other applications to create advertising content, especially applications that are related to images and videos that would be perfect for this.

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