How to Affiliate, Enter or Register your Business in Rappi? – Register in Rappi ‘Rappi Aliados’ (Example)

If you are the lucky owner of an establishment, chances are you are looking for a way to work with the best shipping App. For this reason, today’s tutorial was created, so you can see how Affiliate, enter or register your business in Rappi quickly and easily.

And, Rappi is the best option if you want to start making home deliveries, because they are the ones that will charge you the least interest (Before joining you should find out what percentage Rappi charges restaurants for distributions). AND They will also give you many benefits for becoming their Rappi ally, a term that refers to those establishments that use only this company to move their merchandise.

Affiliate, enter or register your business in Rappi

Going directly to the point that is of your interest, that is, how to affiliate, enter or register your business in Rappi, you have to know that in order to become an ally of these, you must have a primary requirement, which is to have fixed prices on your products (this requirement is not unique to them, to sell in SinDelantal it is also necessary to comply with something similar).

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If you do not comply with that, Rappi will not let you join them in any way, since the application database (which is the main engine of the company), needs this requirement to function effectively.

In the event that your business does have fixed prices, then the only thing you have to do to start working with Rappi is fill out a form found on one of their official web pages (which is dedicated to just that).

rappi and glovo bike

The form is quite extensive and specific, at tea they will ask many things, which you must answer truthfully. After finishing the form you just have to send it and wait for a response from Rappi (So ​​if you qualify and they want to do business with you, they will let you know).

Minimum requirements to qualify

As you have already read before, in order to affiliate, enter or register your business in Rappi, you have to meet several mandatory requirements. One of them is that of fixed prices, but in addition to this there are others that you have to take into account, and these are:

Have an official physical establishment (which I have all the legal papers updated), and have social networks such as Facebook or Instagram dedicated to the premises (if your business has both, it is most likely that you can work hand in hand with Rappi).

Form questions

Now and as the last point of this tutorial, you will see what they are some of the questions you will have to answer in the application form, so that you can have more opportunity to enter.

The first is the region where you are (or where your business is located). The second the name of your establishment, third the number of points of sale that your store has at the moment.

Then the hours you have for customer service and the type of cuisine you offer, followed by this you will be asked to enter your address of email together with the address of the web pages of your company.

rappi logo and services

And finally, you must enter a copy of the menu that you offer to your customers, the number of the establishment and confirm whether or not you already have a home delivery service.

With that you should already have more than enough to fill out your form well. So the next step is to go to the page and start doing it, to see if that way they let you affiliate, enter or register your business in Rappi.

Otherwise, you no longer have anything to do here, so it’s time to say goodbye. Remember that in case Rappi does not accept you or does not meet your expectations, you can always choose to look for another good app, and for that you can put questions in the browser such as: what are the best applications to order food at home? or which one is better, Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, Uber Eats or OrdersYaa?

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