How to Aim and Shoot in PUBG – Improve Your Aim and Shoot Better Than Others

Without a doubt, aim is one of the most relevant aspects to become a pro in PUBG. For this, through the following guide you will learn how to aim and shoot in PUBG – Improve your aim and shoot better than others.

Similarly, remember that we also have a guide to aiming in Fortnite. Without further ado read this guide on marksmanship in PUBG.

How To Aim And Shoot In PUBG – Improve Your Aim And Shoot Better Than The Others

To improve your aim in PUBG it is necessary to take into account certain factors that we will comment on below. Therefore, if you are new to the game, do not hesitate to read the following information.

Practice your aim in PUBG

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In short, the only way to improve your aim in any game is by practicing. Given this, it is best to dedicate a few hours a day to the video game, in order to improve little by little.

pubg loading screen

You need to be patient if you are new to shooters, because only with time dexterity is generated. To practice, it is best participate in gamesEven so, if you lack level, you can always play with friends. Indeed, playing with friends is an excellent way to improve the game step by step.

Still, if you play alone, don’t worry, you can also improve, but it will be necessary to be aggressive. By aggressive we mean that you should look for areas where many players fall to practice. It can be frustrating, but the only way to improve is with consistency.

In turn, mastering how to fall faster and first in PUBG is very important to improve the level. On the other hand, sensitivity is crucial for aiming.

Aiming sensitivity in PUBG and controls

One aspect that newbies don’t always take into account is the sensitivity to select when playing PUBG. The truth is that this is one of the most relevant aspects to improve your aim, in fact, it is essential.

Choose the adequate sensitivity It may seem like a complicated task, but it certainly isn’t. It should be noted that it is best to have low sensitivities, since they allow greater precision. Either way, adapting is often a complicated process for newbies, but it’s all a matter of testing.

You can start with a basic sensitivity and practice, over time you will get used to it. Anyway, the main thing is that you feel comfortable, but at the same time your precision is improved.

You can see the sensitivities of your favorite players to establish a base, although the professionals tend to have very low sensitivities. Yes, although it is recommended that you have a low sensitivity, it is not completely necessary, find your balance.

shooting in pubg

Finally, the controls also influence your skills, so you should also find the options with which you feel most comfortable. This is something especially important on mobile phones, so try different combinations to find the most comfortable one. In turn, knowing where you are shot from in PUBG is important to have more control in the game.

Use Aim Lab and software to improve your aim

Aim Lab is a program / video game specifically designed for improve aim in shooters. The application is designed specifically for this purpose, which is why it has very interesting options worth mentioning.

The App has a sensitivity system that adapts to that of other games, in turn its modes are adaptable. In other words, you can configure the software specifically to practice your aim in PUBG.

For marksmanship, we have various skills that should be mastered to improve overall in video games. Aim Lab has these skills covered which are flicking, tracking, speed, precision, cognition. Mastering these factors surely it will improve your aim in PUBG. You can get Aim lab from Steam, remember that the App is free.

Aim Lab is just one of many tools to improve your aim, if for some reason you don’t like it, you can choose others. Some notable options are: Kovaaks, Aimgod or Aimtastic. Use Aimlab or some of the previous programs, without a doubt these types of tools are useful to greatly improve your aim.

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