How to Allocate More RAM Memory to AutoCAD Inventor Program in Windows (Example)

Having a computer in your home has become a kind of necessity and obligation for many people, whether for educational reasons, entertainment or work. Having a computer means having much more to do, and many of the activities that are everyday for us have to do with the use of a personal computer.

Each of us encounters some type of activity within computers, whether it is having social contact through an online community or focusing on delivering the last report of the month to our boss’s office.

As for work, having a computer It is necessary for many, since when you have an office job, accounting, design and more; working on a computer is almost mandatory.

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Because many of the formats that are obtained through a computer are quite readable, accessible and easier to do, the computer becomes important.

Without the use of our computer, we would not be able to do many of the jobs that are given today, such as designer or even architect work, because programs such as AutoCAD Inventor can often be used.

Now, if you have the need to use AutoCAD Inventor, you may realize that it may ask too much of our system, and although it is very likely that at this point we have our own computer, it is not always usual that all the specifications of a program like AutoCAD Inventor.

Sometimes we may have the need to use programs that do not always fit well with our computer, but luckily there is always a solution for everything. That is why we are going to explain to you in the next tutorial below.

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AutoCAD Inventor RAM

There are programs that can demand a lot from our computer, even when we do not imagine it, which makes it an obligation to have a good computer for certain jobs. In the case of design, content creation and other related works; It is not a bad idea to be able to put in a few extra pennies to have a good computer, thus updating your PC hardware.

Many of these jobs may ask too many resources from our computer and sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to meet those goals, as is sometimes the case with AutoCAD Inventor.

This program tends to have to be aware of the creation, movement and functions of different objects within it, this means that a somewhat powerful computer is needed to be able to use it successfully.

In fact, the minimum requirements of AutoCAD Inventor say that when you are having too much activity in the program, it may take up to a few 24 GB RAM memory, which can be a problem if you have a low-end or mid-range computer.

autocad space manager

Solving RAM problem in AutoCAD Inventor

If you have problems with being able to have enough RAM for AutoCAD Inventor works correctly, you can carry out a small simple task that will make everything much easier since you can allocate a little more RAM.

To do this, open your Task Manager by right-clicking on the toolbar and then selecting «Start the task manager”. Then, inside the tab «Processes», you must find the one that says «AutoCAD Inventor».

Once you have found the indicated process, you must right-click on it and look for the option to «Set priority» to be able to put it in «High», which will cause more computer resources to be assigned to that specific program.

It is also a good idea that berries directly to the tab «Applications» and right-click on each application other than AutoCAD Inventor to select the option to «Finish homework» in order to facilitate the entire AutoCAD Inventor process.

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