How to Allow Google Chrome to Overwrite Downloaded Files on Existing Files

How to Allow Google Chrome to Overwrite Downloaded Files on

Computers have remained extremely important tools in this technology-filled age. In addition to consulting information, they allow us to have the ability to download content. But sometimes, isn’t it annoying to have multiple versions of the same file? How to allow Google Chrome to overwrite downloaded files?

This is the question that many users of the most popular browser in the world ask themselves. And to answer this, it is necessary to take a little look at its features and options. Shall we start?

What is Google Chrome?

That this article is meant to talk about Google Chrome is not a mere coincidence. This browser, developed by Google, was launched on September 2, 2008. It would definitely come to change the world.

The features and ease of use was what quickly ranked Google Chrome as one of the best. In the last ten years, it has remained in the first place of the most used browsers in the world. The numbers for Google Chrome are simply abysmal.

Awesome popularity

One of the secrets of its success has been its versatility. And is that Google Chrome is available for both computers and mobile devices. Smartphone or Tablet with Android operating system, set it as the default browser.

google chrome web browser

This is what has made the browser have more than 900 million users. And not only that! Among the huge list of browsers, Net Market Share ranks Chrome in first place with 69.28%. And the second? Microsoft Windows Edge with 7.75% and Mozilla Firefox third with 7.48% in third place.

Its popularity has been on the rise, mainly due to its characteristics. Not only can you allow Google Chrome to overwrite downloaded files, you can also do other things.

On the one hand, there are blacklists. This is a simply extraordinary function to optimize browser security. It works essentially on sites where there are risks of identity theft or that may contain malicious software that you should avoid.

Downloads and extensions

Like any other browser, Google Chrome has a wide range of extensions that help improve its performance and speed. In addition, thanks to these extensions it is possible add new functionalities and customize the browser.

Save passwords, block ads, translate texts, add themes or backgrounds and much more. The extensions have been, without a doubt, one of the most striking features of Google Chrome.

Downloads, of course, do not go unnoticed. Either on your computer or on your mobile device, Chrome will create a downloads folder. In it will be located all those files, programs and videos acquired from other servers or platforms.

How to allow Google Chrome to overwrite downloaded files?

Now, there is a detail that tends to bother many of the users. It will surely have happened to you that download the same file multiple times. It is the same in the sense that both its name and its format remain, but its content may vary.

In this type of case, Google Chrome, to differentiate the files, downloads them with an enumeration. That way, if you download the same file, the first one will appear with its original name. But from the second, at the end of the name, numbers in parentheses will begin to appear like this:

  • Original file:
  • Duplicate files:
    • See how it’s done (1).
    • See how it’s done (2).
    • See how it’s done (3).

Is it possible to reverse this situation?

If you want to prevent Google Chrome from downloading these types of duplicate files, you will need to download and install an extension. The recommended extension for this type of case is Downloads Overwrite. To find and install it you must do the following:

  1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome.
  2. Access the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Look for the aforementioned extension.
  4. Click on “Add to Chrome”.

extension downloads overwrite

You can start downloading now!

With these simple steps, what remains is for you to test the extension by downloading the same file on different occasions. You will check that the latest version of the downloaded file will always be kept. Say goodbye, finally, to pesky duplicate files. Don’t you love allowing Google Chrome to overwrite downloaded files?

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