How to Animate My Logo Using Adobe Premiere Pro – Animation Tips

The fact of animating a logo using Abobe Premiere is an important process for the marketing of your company to make your brand and product visible. Nevertheless, create an animation of a logo It is an advanced design process, however, it is only necessary to use a few tools that Adobe Premiere Pro brings. This program allows you to make logos, and besides that, it lets you have fun making the animation of a logo that you want.

The animation of a logo is also known as moving logo. In this article we will show you the way and the steps to follow so that you can make or create an animation of a logo with Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are interested, keep reading and you will learn what you need.

animate logo using adobe premiere

How to create or animation a logo with Adobe Premiere Pro?

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For create an animation of a logo in Adobe Premiere Pro You have to follow certain steps, it is not just arriving, putting up a logo and letting it roll; logo animations take time, and it is not a matter of seconds to make or create one of them.

Adobe Premiere Pro gives you many editing tools and creation of logos, as well as for the use of the audio of a video that you want to edit; For this reason, it can be said that creating an animation of a logo with this program will result in a good quality product.

For this, obviously you must put effort and try to do what you can with the tools of this prodigious program.

In this sense, to make an animation of a logo, we first need the logo. You have to import the image of the logo and center it as you can in Adobe Premiere Pro, and thus, introduce it in the sequence of the channels.

When you put the image format in the program, you have to activate the clock on the left, to make the image a keyframe object. After this you start to edit the process in the sequence, and add an effect, for example, the slow motion effect of Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to create or animation a moving logo with Adobe Premiere Pro?

Animate a logo using Adobe Premiere makes the content or product you are trying to sell much more attractive. So it is advisable to do this type of procedure to give life to the logo you want to create. In this sense what is going to do is a logo that moves, and the type of movement is decided by each person if they want to make it complex or simple.

When you add the keyframe With the image format, the editing of a video as such has already started. Now what remains is to apply a similar process, and edit and create the visual content of your logo in motion.

animation logo adobe premiere pro logo movement

We recommend that before adding another keyframe, that you try to change the color of the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, setting a color that you like and serve for your project of editing a moving logo.

In this way, you can start add new channels to the sequence, where there are text formats, or various figures that complement the dynamism you want to see in the creation of your logo in motion.

You can try with the great nuance of colors that Adobe Premiere Pro has to see what is the combination of colors that you like the most, as well as to see what type of movement you can add, and even put different colors when executing one of these movements.

Once you have all your ideas captured On the Adobe Premiere Pro worksheet, and you have made or elaborated the animation of your logo, you only need to export the created video, and do it without losing the quality.

Recommendations for animating a logo using Adobe Premiere

Some recommendations that should be made when animating a logo using Adobe Premiere we will mention here. Primarily they must be maintained short and simple logos made, in fact their duration should only be a few seconds. The logo should not be overloaded with content or effects since instead of making it attractive it can become confusing and unintelligible.

The choice of animation must be carefully and selectively, as you must choose if it will rotate, make transformations or if it will appear suddenly. But it must always be borne in mind that the logo animation must be oriented so that the person who sees it understands it and does not get confused. Therefore, too much movement can make the message unnoticeable.

The colors chosen for your logo must be identified as a brand and these must not be changed subsequently. Since these colors what they are going to do is that people recognize you and the product you offer. So if you make constant changes to the advertising of the logo, customers will not recognize the brand or the product.

Animate a logo using Adobe Premiere Pro will require the use of templates to make them look interesting. The templates come with predesigned effects that help creators and designers to improve their logos very easily.

Since with these templates you already have a lot of work in advance in the case of choosing any of them. Therefore, it would only be enough then put some details of your own imagination that represents your brand to finish the job.

Minimalist effects, effects of cracks that are marked on the ground or distortion when the images are developed are some of the effects that can be used. Of course, there are many more, but these are the most important for you to learn.

animate logo using adoble premiere pro

Logo animation with minimal effect

With this type of animation it is possible to create logos that contain simple but elegant elements. With the minimalist effects, up to five different versions To which you can change colors and shapes very easily. Therefore, it is recommended to use one of these effects to create a beautiful and suitable logo for your brand.

Crack-in-the-ground logo effect

The cracks in the ground provide an important impact on the view of the logo you want to create. In this sense, you may have a simple background but together with the images and letters that you must add and that represent your brand. Going to generate enough impact to get the attention of the public and customers.

Since people se will concentrate on the small details which has the logo. Since the cracks have the function of capturing the eyes, making the content that is above them stand out. Just remember to center the images or letters of the logo well so that they are perpendicular to the cracks.

Logo relief with distortion effect

The distortion effect makes a little blur in the content main of the logo. But this is going to be the minimum so that it attracts the attention of the people who observe it. You just have to choose one that is perfect with what you put your logo, since sometimes you can choose an effect that totally distorts the message.

Can you make a logo with movement?

As we have mentioned before, the logo or animated logo is a logo that moves. Therefore, if you can make a logo with movement with this type of program.

So by animating a logo using Adobe Premiere you are going to make your brand logo have some movement. In turn, making people have much more interest in the brand that is presented and leading potential customers to your products.

How to easily rotate a logo in Adobe Premiere

For a logo to rotate in Adobe Premiere, you must first select the image to rotate. After that, you must click on applied effects where you must then do expansion of the movement effect.

Then you have to drag an effect that is underlined in the right part of the rotation movement. Finally you must apply on the button that says rotate either for the right part or for the left part.

What alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro are there to make a logo animation?

The animation of a logo in Adobe Premiere Pro is frequent, many users use this medium to edit their logos, and also add the movement they want. With this program a unique and tasteful dynamism is achieved for users.

logo animation in motion with adobe premiere pro

In other words, Adobe Premiere Pro is a exceptional tool, but it’s not actually the only one you can use for this task. There are many editors similar to Adobe Premiere Pro with which you can make different animations, including the logo in motion.

Some examples of these are OpenShot, ShotCut, Scribus, Hitfilm, among many others with more tools such as Davinci Resolve and Lightworks. All of these programs can run on Windows and Mac operating systems, and some on Linux.

You can delight yourself with the functions of these to build a logo animation, and in the end you will like them all, because the editing possibilities they provide are simply fantastic and extraordinary.

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