How to Apply for a Credit or Debit Card for Young People at 16 or 17 Years Old and the Requirements

To know if it is a good idea to use our credit card, we must do a simple investigation of our economy basic. Making a form to keep track of the payment of our credit cards would be ideal.

We can also perform the sum of all our income for a certain period of time and on the other hand the sum of all our debts or the payments we need to make, during the same amount of time we use to get our total income.

By having both results, the total debts are subtracted from the total income, in this way we will know how much money we have after canceling all pending. This money somehow left over should be credited to credit cards.

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If it is the case that the total of our debts, exceed our total income, we would have to make some changes in our economy, starting with canceling the use of our credits and eliminating credit cards from our accounts like Play Store.

What is a credit card?

It is a piece of plastic issued by a bank or financial institution, which comes with a chip or an integrated magnetic strip that contains information about the user and his bank account.

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This allows us to carry out operations such as purchases of material items, payment of basic services, payments that have to do with the health theme, such as surgeries, purchase of medical supplies, among others.

To obtain a credit card we must carry out a self-evaluation and verify that we are or can be people responsible and aware. Since when obtaining a credit card it can seem very tempting and abuse it.

Credit cards contain certain amount of money that the bank, in simple words, lends us; with the condition that it is returned. Plus another amount of money that represents the percentage of the interest that the bank is earning from time to time, which is stipulated in the banking contract when acquiring a credit card.

Benefits of a credit card

Misuse and credit card abuse It can lead to certain problems with the bank that issued the card, and in extreme cases with a finance collection house, which would be much worse. That is why it is best to use it only in cases of strict need, or use it for an amount of money that we can afford.

Some of the benefits that credit cards offer us is that we can make expenses and delay the payment of these. Since if we cancel with a credit card, this money is certainly borrowed from the bank. And we can cancel that debt in a period of time, in which we are expected to be in better financial conditions to pay.

In addition, the use of credit cards is more Fast and easy to write some kind of check or cancel with cash. Another benefit of these cards is that they are accepted in 90% of the businesses where purchases are made; so you can avoid having cash with you, which in a way is safer.

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How to apply for a credit or debit card for young people at 16 or 17 years old and the requirements?

Some of the requirements that banks ask for credit card applicants who are not of legal age; is that mainly your legal representative is responsible for the accounts of this.

The minor must have a minimum age 13 years, and must have a national identification document, the representative must have the minor’s birth certificate at hand, some banks also have a requirement that the representative have a savings or checking account at the same bank.

These being some basic requirements, in the same way you should go to the nearest office of the bank of your choice, to get the official information about this theme. Since some banks do not issue this type of card to minors; and other banks have different requirements for applying for it.

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