How to Apply for a Personal Credit or Immediate Loans in Bancomer without Online Payroll

The economy is one of the most useful tools that human beings have been able to design. This allows dreams and goals to come true that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. That is why today there are many who seek ways to achieve those dreams using institutions such as banks to carry them out.

In every negotiation the parties involved will seek to obtain the best benefits. That is why both companies and banks seek to make money with loans. In the first case, investing and in the second, obtaining interests from those who have requested liquidations.

In the latter case, if you are not careful you can fail in the installments so be cautious, study the situation and verify that you are able to repay the loan. In the event that if you have everything you need to request the loan in Bancomer, but you do not have an online payroll then stay and read this article where we will show you how to request it.

What is a credit without payroll?

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It is a credit or loan that is tailored to the needs of the applicant. This financial tool is ideal for all types of people since the credits that are requested generally have excellent payment terms that are convenient for the applicant. In addition, these credits do not request any guarantee or endorsement as they do in other cases and are not directly reduced from a payroll.

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These credits are generally granted quickly since elements such as the rating in the credit bureau are taken into account.

What are the requirements?

The applicant must be a user or have an account at Bancomer and have a stable job and a good credit reputation. You must also possess credit card at BBVAIt is important to meet the required age of at least 18 years and a maximum of 80 years for the granting of the loan.

Finally, you must have a good record of financial solvency and an excellent income to meet the payments. In addition, a pre-approval application must be filled out by BBVA, meeting these requirements makes the loan possible for the applicant.

Necessary documents

First, the applicant’s current government identification, such as country ID, INE or passport, with a maximum of ten years old. If you are a foreigner and reside in the country, you need to present the card that the country offers you or the resident card, this can be permanent or if you temporarily reside the immigration form FM2 or FM3.

The residence of the applicant must be proven by a receipt from a public service or one from another bank, This proof should not exceed three months. And an income document from the month prior to the application to be approved.

What does it offer?

The personal credit that Bancomer carries out without an online payroll is $ 4,000 to $ 760,000, on average, this is with a period from six months to seventy-two months.

Bancomer, when making the loan without payroll online, grants it in fixed installments of the net capital and interest, every fifteen or every month, when the applicant makes the first payment of the loan, only pay VATThis will be done without insurance collection.

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Fixed installments and year-end interest is set at 24.70% up to 44.78% without VATAs a result of the assessment of the credit obtained, the interest rate remains fixed throughout the validity of the loan.

What are the benefits?

One of them are interest rates and fixed fees before VAT While the loan is valid, Bancomer also does not require a guarantee, nor does it require an endorsement, you can also contract or request more than one personal loan, depending on the capacity of installments to pay, and it has discounts in participating businesses.

Everyone can be in good financial health, but no one is free to have an event that destabilizes their personal economies. It is because of that request or request a loan It is one of the most common ways of dealing with expenses that exceed the financial capacity to resolve incidents with the normal budget.

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