How to Apply Silhouettes to an Object in Corel DRAW – Step by Step (Example)

We all want to get the most out of the tools that technology offers us, and there is no doubt that Corel DRAW is no exception. With this app for PC it is possible to create a infinity of designs, for which we want to make the most of it.

Once we manage to download and install Corel Draw, we want to get the most out of it. That is why today we teach you how to apply silhouettes to an object in Corel DRAW step by step, in a really simple and fast way.

How can you apply silhouettes to an object with Corel DRAW?

One of the best design options that Corel DRAW offers is to add silhouettes to the different objects that are in our design plane. Being able to add silhouettes to texts or vector objects is undoubtedly a tool very versatile and useful.

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And furthermore, it is really applying different shadow and silhouette effects in Corel Draw. Since there is more than one way to achieve this, you can try the one that suits you best and pleases you.

All you have to do to start enjoying this great option is to buy the Corel DRAW app from the official Corel website or download the 30-day free trial version, and follow the steps and tips that we give you here.

What steps to follow to configure the silhouettes in Corel DRAW?

The simple steps you must follow to add the silhouettes you want to objects in Corel DRAW are:

  • Open the Corel DRAW application from your computer.
  • Once inside, look in the app’s toolbar for the option «Effects edit«.
  • Press the little triangle in the lower right corner of the «Effects» button.
  • In the pop-up menu that will appear, press the option «Silhouette«.

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Once you have followed all the previous steps, you will be able to see a bar dedicated to the configuration of the silhouettes. In this you can choose the type of silhouette, the stages, the corners, the mixture of colors, the outline and the fill color of the silhouette, among others. useful options that will make your work much easier.

How to add silhouettes in Corel DRAW in a simple way?

Once you have opened the option to add silhouettes in the Corel DRAW app, there are certain steps that you will need to follow. In fact, there are several ways to achieve add a silhouette to an object in Corel DRAW.

The first is by clicking on the object to which you want to add the silhouette, and then dragging the object with the help of the «Silhouette» tool. The other way to do this is by clicking on the object, and then selecting the «button.Silhouette type«found in the properties bar of this.

When you have added the silhouette to the object of your preference, it is time to configure it to your liking, making it look as you wish.

How to make excellent quality silhouettes in Corel DRAW?

There are certain settings that Corel DRAW offers, which will certainly improve greatly the quality of the silhouettes that we can add.

For example, you can mix the colors of the silhouette in question with the color of the original object, and the corners of the silhouette can be edited to have the shape we want.

It is even possible to change the acceleration of the silhouette, in order to define how we want the silhouette to change between stages.

And all this is possible to achieve from the options bar for the silhouette, with this we will be able to add and configure all the aspects that we want in our silhouette. There is no doubt that this app is really useful, in fact, it is even possible to create a web page with Corel Draw.

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With options like this, we realize that Corel DRAW is undoubtedly an excellent design application. Thanks to this app, we can correct images with its effects tool, and many other tools that improve our images.

We hope this information has been useful to you, and that you can get the most out of this tool in Corel DRAW. Keep giving him that 3D effect to your designs, which you can only achieve with silhouettes provided by Corel DRAW.

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