How to Approve, Enable and Activate a Cell Phone Purchased in Another Country Quick and Easy

Technological advances as we know are highly frequent, every day new ideas arise and quality technological equipment and high-end, for the public or users the concept of obtaining such equipment is becoming more and more massive. It is possessed for the simple fact of being up-to-date, fashionable or simply on a whim, and experiencing new trends.

However, not all people have the ways to use mobile phones or other high-ranking technological devices in their daily lives. That is why also there are equipment of less value and fewer functions low-end.

It should be noted that this is a very interesting topic today, we live in a world where technology assimilates all our areas of life, since we spend most of our time sitting in front of a mobile screen or a computer, leading to severe consequences as well.

But its use also has great importance, as for children it is extremely important, since they adapt quickly and easily, being like this together with young people. one of the biggest consumers of time and equipment.

Advantages when buying a mobile in another country

For many years, purchases abroad have become massive, since by doing so we obtain many advantages that some of us do not know about, one of them is the notable difference in the price of the equipment, thus offering accessibility and preference to buyers.

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It is important to note that consumers currently have the habit of making or making their purchases online safely, through a massive existing trade, using secure platforms and reliable.

Most of these portals or platforms will offer the user a guarantee of the equipment for a reasonable amount of time, be it from a screen breakage or other problem, this is another good advantage, giving greater benefits to the consumer.

Also, if we are a store that works selling telephone equipment, it is very likely that let’s make the wholesale equipment purchases in foreign stores to get a better price and obtain a greater variety producer for consumers.

How to use my mobile in another country?

Although it is true that with the large number of advances in technology and in this case mobile phones, we all have one, it has become a necessity in our daily lives, due to the speed and ease with which they have at the time of using them for any situation that comes our way, and of course we do not forget to take it with us to all the places we usually frequent.

But, it is important to know what we must do to be able to use it if we must leave our country of origin. First of all, what we must do is contract an international telephone planThe good thing about this is that many operators offer very beneficial plans to travelers that allow you to make international calls.

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After that we must obtain or buy a chip in the country where we are visitingDoing this is extremely easy and simple, in most airports there are sales of SIM cards for travelers, the best thing is that it allows us to buy one that already has our line information.

It is relevant to know that some mobiles accept two SIM cards. Therefore, if so, we can leave the other one also on our mobile, and it would be easier to keep it thus preventing us from getting lost for the duration of our trip.

How to homologate, enable and activate a cell phone purchased in another country quickly and easily

When buying a mobile abroad we must activate it to be able to work in our country where we reside, the first step to approve or enable it is to take a photo of the label of our mobile located behind the battery, this must include: brand, model, FCC-ID code, and also IMEI.

Then on the mobile keyboard we dial * # 06 #, we use this to see on screen the IMEI of our device, that is, the same one that is on the label, we must take a capture of this image.

Finally we must complete the form on the CRC page uploading all the images subsequently taken, and voila we will have our mobile active and ready to use it as we wish.

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