How to Archive Old Emails in Outlook and Free Up Space (Example)

Outlook is a digital mail. But if we send and receive a large number of emails every day; work, family or others. The storage capacity may be full. As long as it is full, unfortunately we will not be able to send or receive emails. But can you archive old emails in Outlook?

There are several ways to free up space in Outlook. You can create a rule to delete emails after several days in Outlook; this way you will avoid the accumulation of emails. It is also possible to delete and clean the duplicate emails in Outlook. But today we will see how to archive old emails.

Therefore, in this article you will discover the best tricks and tips to use Microsoft Outlook; which will help you archive your emails important and how you can free up space. Also, if you want to have your Outlook email tidy, this article is for you.

Archive old Outlook emails

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The Office Outlook suite application It has a significant advantage and feature, since we can use any email that we link to the application without using a browser. This is thanks to the Office suite and all its working tools.

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By linking our email to the application, we will have a limited storage space. Although it is limited, we can monitor how much space we have left as we use it

This greatly favors the use of Outlook mail to send and receive information. But in case all the available space is used, there is a way to archive your emails from date «x» and create a folder on your computer.

Without a doubt a fascinating tool to organize and free up space. This is why we will show below step by step how to save these old files by selecting a start date for saving.

Steps to save emails in Outlook

Before starting, it is important that you remember that the steps that you will see below are to archive the emails using the app of the Office package. That being said, the steps are pretty simple.

The first thing we will do is go to the Outlook taskbar and do click on «File». In the case of having it in Spanish, the option is «File».

There we will see the information related to my account, as well as the email. There is an option or section that says «Mail Box» where we can see how much storage space we have available.

You must click on the option «Cleaning tools». When you do this, you will see 3 options to clean the mail, as well as delete emails. But in our case, we select the third option to archive.

After this, a pop-up window will be displayed. The first thing is to place the second option to archive emails. In the central box, we can select the email and the folder that we want to archive.

windows plugin manager

So far we are doing fine, right? Let’s continue with the steps and now we select the date to make the save. By clicking, we select the day, month and year from the drop-down calendar.

You have to remember that the date you enter works in this way, for example: if you enter 07/23/2020, you are ordering to make a folder archiving all the emails that are receive before that date. Finally, we can select the path where we want the autosave to take place. Once we have everything ready, click on the accept button.

This is how fast and easy you can archive your old emails to free up space in the mail. In addition, the interface offers you options to make Outlook emails reach a specific folder. This way you can have your email.

If you like this article, don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comment box. In addition, you can share it with your friends and family and start keeping your mail organized today by freeing up space by archiving your old messages and emails.

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