How to Attach Files in Yahoo Mail Easily (Example)

Among the most significant characteristics that the best email providers have, we can talk about the capacity that it provides us to be able to send different types of documents, files, texts, photos, etc., in a simple and effective way.

We know all this as mail attachment, in which a series of files are stored, which can be opened, edited and saved by the person to whom we send it. For this many people use emails such as Gmail and Outlook.

Although we currently have a large series of options among which the sending and receiving of files becomes easy and simple, it is important to note that nothing is ever going to be compared with the sending of attachments that allows us to email.

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However, one of the electronic mail companies The most famous in its time was Yahoo !, which assured its users an efficient and secure platform with which it is possible to carry out different types of tasks in the web field, among which is the sending of mail with attached files.

Within this post we will give you the exact keys with which you can send these emails without the need to resort to any other external tool.

yahoo mail tray

Step-by-step to attach files in a Yahoo!

  1. It begins by entering the Yahoo! Through your web browser, and after that, proceed to enter the service of Yahoo Mail!
  2. It is important that prior to all this process you are registered on the page, or that you go directly to the registration section of the same, in which you must fill in the registration process.
  3. Next, you must proceed to click on the ‘Mail’ link, which you can easily find in the left panel
  4. Once you have accessed your email, you must open the option which you can start to compose your email. Likewise, at this point it is important that you begin to enter the name of the contact to whom your message will arrive and put all the data corresponding to the sending of the message.
  5. When you are ready, to proceed to attach the desired file, you must indicate by pressing the icon that it is shaped like a paperclip. We will find this icon quickly in the upper section, right next to the button ‘Send’. This is where we can find three which are: Attach from my computer, Dropbox share and Share from Flickr.
  6. Press the option you want and proceed to locate the file you need to send, in order to attach it. Once found, you just have to press accept, and you will see how it will be added to the email that you have already been writing
  7. As a final step, just press the ‘send’ button and everything will be ready for the contact you have selected to receive the files you have located for them.

yahoo mobile interface

Learn a little more about the options you have when attaching files

  • Attach from your computer: With this option you can access the documents from your computer, and after that, choose which file you want to attach, however, you must be careful not to exceed the space limit that the platform allows you to be able to send said files.
  • Attach from Flickr: This is a platform known for storing different types of files, but most commonly photographs are stored, so if you access it, you can attach your photos to your Yahoo Mail.
  • Attach from Dropbox: Although these is a much newer option, many consider it the most comfortable of all, since within this platform you can store everything and also be attached to the email you want simply and quickly.

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