How To Attract More Clients To A Tattoo Business With A Marketing Strategy

If you are a tattoo artist and want to learn how to attract more clients to a tattoo business with a marketing strategy, we recommend that you read the following guide where we will show you some ideas that may be useful. In addition to this, we also recommend that you know how to advertise on social networks for free, since it is a way to do free marketing, attracting potential customers.

How to attract more clients to a tattoo studio with a marketing strategy

Before we begin, keep in mind that everything that we will comment on next focuses on the publicity that we will generate through social networks. In other words, the first thing you should do is create an exclusive Instagram account for your tattoo business and take into account the options to advertise on Instagram for free or paying.

The aforementioned will be the basis for start with our marketing strategy, which, as you will see, is very easy to follow.

Show yourself

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More than anything else, a tattoo business requires the trust of customers and these are something that can only be appreciated when displaying the product. In this case, the product is the art that is made on the skin of your clients. Therefore, one of the best ways to advertise is to show your work.

attract customers business tattoos

Take good pictures of works that you consider show your capacities or the capacities of the tattoo artists. Clearly, as we mentioned before, everything here is about advertising, therefore constantly uploading photos of your tattoos to social media is one of those essential things you should do.

It is important that the photos are of quality, in other words, try your best to show your work in the most professional way. This will give confidence to clients who will gradually become more interested in your work.

Run promotions and giveaways

Understanding that at first it will be difficult to reach the target audience, it would not hurt to carry out one or another promotion. To this day, there are many who want to get a tattoo, so raffle one from time to time would not hurt.

May get around a small tattoo (3x3cm 5x5cm, etc.) something that will undoubtedly attract many interested people. Clearly this is achieved after growing the Instagram account, for which you can also learn how to gain followers on Instagram online and for free.

Make collaborations

Something you can do to gradually gain more and more followers is to collaborate. In other words, offer your tattoos to users with reach on social media. As with contests, there are many influencers who want a tattoo, so don’t be afraid to offer it in exchange for a contribution.

A collaboration will help you get followers organically, who will certainly be interested in your product. For this reason, collaborations are something that we undoubtedly highly recommend.

marketing strategy tattoos

In addition to all the above information, it is worth finding out about how to manage and handle the social networks of your businesses. Certainly, in today’s world this type of advertising is very relevant, but do not leave aside other aspects that are just as useful.

Other aspects to improve the clientele of your tattoo business

Outside of marketing strategies focused on social networks and the Internet, there are certain things that you should keep in mind for your tattoo business.

A striking facade

The facade is very important for any business, in the case of the world of tattoos, it would be best to have a poster or banner that shows your work to a greater or lesser extent. In turn, the development of a logo or slogan It is something that you must also take into account.


In addition to advertising on social networks, which is very important, other types of advertising should not be neglected. Local advertising, such as radio or television advertising, is something that also helps a lot. This type of advertising is certainly an expense, but it is often quite worth it.

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