How to Attract Villagers or Make a Villager Follow You in Minecraft? (Example)

Have you ever wondered how to make or craft a villager farm in Minecraft? Or do you prefer to move villagers and make them follow you? Then we recommend you read this guide in which we will talk about How to attract villagers or make a villager follow you in Minecraft?

How to attract villagers or make a villager follow you in Minecraft?

There are several methods with which to mobilize villagers, it is also necessary to take into account the moment in which we do it, because it is not the same move a villager during the day than at night. In fact, it is possible to change the job and profession of villagers in Minecraft. Still, in case you want to move villagers or have them follow you during the day, read the next method.

Using seeds

Villagers are a type of NPC characterized by taking advantage of the resources that are in their environment, in fact, this is one of their main characteristics. Understanding this condition of the villagers, it is fair to point out that we can use this nature to attract them to a site.

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In other words, it is possible to attract villagers and have them follow us or go wherever we want. luring them with supplies. If this is done correctly, the villagers will collect the supplies and end up arriving towards the place we define. Still, you need to take some aspects into consideration.

Tree in Minecraft Beach

You must limit their freedom

Although the villagers have routines, the truth is that making them follow a path is not easy if it is not perfectly defined. In other words, it is completely necessary establish a path with a single track for the villager to follow.

For this, you must create a path that goes where you want the villager to go, but it is important that this path does not have no fork or another path the NPC can take. For this reason, you must first establish the path the villager will follow, for this you can use fences.

By making a fence path, you will limit the freedom of the villager, making him go to the place you want in most cases.

Spread the seeds

As we pointed out before, a villager is a gatherer by nature, so will collect all those elements that they are useful to you. Without a doubt, the best way to attract a villager is by using seeds, since he will collect them one by one until the last one there may be.

For this reason, once you have limited the freedom of the villager, you can make him move and follow the established space leaving a path of seeds. Still, you must take into account certain aspects to use this method:

  • You should use a lot of seeds, the necessary ones until the villager reaches the place you want.
  • The seeds cannot be more than three blocks away, This is very important, since if the distance between the seeds is greater the villager will not move.

Minecraft Village

How to attract villagers or make a villager follow you at night in Minecraft?

The previous method is perfectly functional, in any case, it will not work at night, because by nature the villager will look for a place to sleep. Anyway, this is also advantageous and it is a mechanic that we can take advantage of to have the villager immobilize him during the night.

For this method we will need to use beds, as we did with the previous method, you will attract the villager by putting beds in their path. The process is simple, you just have to put a bed, wait for the villager to go to it and go to sleep, then destroy the bed and position another in your sight.

During the night the villagers will look for a bed, for which they will go to the one they see closer. It should be noted that you should not put the beds so close, since the villager can see them without problems at a considerable distance, this being the easiest way to mobilize villagers at night. Later, you can make villagers have children in Minecraft. In this sense, you must reproduce and breed them if you want to generate greater economic growth.

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