How to Automatically Login to My Mac – Quick and Easy

Computers, by definition, are intuitive to use, since making them too complicated would be a headache for anyone. The idea of ​​personal computers is that people can have access to any type of information they need, and that they can carry out all kinds of activities without too much trouble.

This is called accessibility, and it can be seen reflected in the different operating systems that computers have today, the most important systems being Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Each of these has different characteristics that make them unique, but they all share a single aspect: the fact that they are accessible and easy to understand by anyone with a basic knowledge of computing.

These can take a little time to grasp, as may be noticed in seniors who have never used a computer.

But, when we talk about operating systems like macOS, we can see that it is totally based on simplicity and be accessed in an intuitive way, which it achieves through colors and buttons carefully placed to be managed through icons, which we can see even on the iPhone.

This makes it very clear the importance of the operating systems that are presented to us, especially MacOS, but even this can have certain details.

When we’re in a little trouble and it’s our Personal mac, we may be a bit annoyed by the aspect of having to log in every time the computer is turned on.

Therefore, if this is a problem for you at any time, you can take a few minutes to read the following tutorial, so you can completely forget about having to log in every time you enter your Mac.

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Setting up Mac for login

By default, each computer Mac, it has the option enabled of having to log in every time the Mac computer starts up. But, it is possible to disable this option to perform a quick and automatic boot, so you can forget about having to enter your password every time you enter it.

To make it log in automatically, you have to enter on your Mac as administrator, and then go to the menu Manzana, which you can access by clicking on the icon you see on your screen shaped like an apple.

Once you have entered, you have to go to “System preferences” and then to “Users and groups”, Where you can find a button shaped like a padlock which you will click to enter your current password.

Then, you must click on the part of “Start options“Which is at the bottom and you just have to choose an account in the”Automatic login”And then re-enter your account password and you can log into your Mac without having to bother with your password.

You can do the same process for when it comes to your Mac coming out of sleep or after the screen saver starts to run, which you can do by entering “System Preferences” again and entering “Security and privacy”.

And, when you have the “General” options on the screen, you can click on the “Prompt for password after sleep or screensaver starts”To deactivate it.

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What if I can’t do the above process?

If your username is not selectable among the options, it may be because you are using a password from iCloud, which can be changed when you change the password as such. On the other hand, if you have Filevault activated you will also have to enter the password, so you will have to deactivate it quickly.

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