How To Automatically Put My PC To Hibernate When The Battery Is Low

Hibernation on a computer means save the entire memory contents, in the hyberfil.sys file that is on the hard disk and it closes the computer itself. When the computer is usually reactivated by pressing the power button, the restart is faster and the applications are reloaded.

You can also continue working from where you left off, the importance of hibernation is that no energy is consumed. It is reduced to zero. Since the computer does not need power when it goes into hibernation.

Similarly when waking up, the operating system takes a little more time compared to waking up. standby mode. This is because the hibernate file must read memory upon waking. If you want to change the waiting or suspension time here we show you.

Steps to make your computer go into hibernation automatically

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Initially, the hibernate function must be activated in the system, since it does not come by default.

This activation can be achieved by entering the Windows 10 configuration, you must look for the option to “system”, in which you will see the option of “Start / stop and suspend”, but you must click where it says “Additional power settings”.

Next, a window will open in the control panel which has some energy options in which you must click on: “start / stop” This option is displayed on the left side of the window.

Selecting that option will open another window at the bottom of the “system shutdown” settings. It is in this section where you must select the checkbox “hibernate”, then save the changes so that they can be made. You have the option of scheduling your PC to turn off and on automatically.

After enabling hibernation on your system, you should return to the control panel at “energy options” and choose when the screen turns off.

Next you have to press on “change advanced power settings” it will open a new window in which it should be indicated that when the battery level is low, the system will go into hibernation.

In order to achieve this you have to look for the option of “drums” inside of the “active power plan”. In it, some options are displayed in which you have to select “Critical Battery Level Action” Within this option you will find several options but you must click on “drums” and then select “hibernate”.

Once these steps are carried out, the system will be active for when the computer reaches the critical battery level, Windows 10 will automatically hibernate and save all the actions and applications that you have open for when you turn on the computer again.

Importance of hibernation on my PC

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It should be noted that hibernate option does not use battery. Microsoft’s operating system offers its users the function of being able to notify them by means of a notification when the battery reaches a minimum level.

But you should not worry about this, since Windows has hibernate mode, this function allows save current status of programs that are running. In this way, whatever the team wakes up to again, the system can recover them all.

You can activate this function from your computer and it is a very good option that you should take into account, since this way you prevent the equipment from turning off.

This could cause some damage, many times it turns off without the user noticing. Since today these teams have become an indispensable tool for work.

Finally, it should be noted that hibernation is your best option, since it is recommended that the device goes to sleep until you can charge the battery again. You must turn on the computer when the battery is at an acceptable level and the information with which you are working will be at your fingertips again.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to put your PC to hibernate automatically by following these steps? Do you know of another method that allows you to do this? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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