How to Automatically Sign in to Windows 10 without Asking for Password

Operating systems are tools that have truly changed human life. Since they offer us an innumerable amount of options and tools to be able to carry out all these types of tasks in the most efficient time possible.

Among the most important computer operating systems are Windows, Linux and iMac. While for other devices such as smart phones there are Android, iOS and among others. What is relevant in the case is that these systems are constantly evolving and updating.

However, this operating system has been one of the most outstanding. This is because it offers very good features and updates. Being Windows 10 its latest and best version, it is therefore vitally important to know the different details that this software provides us.

What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 menu screen

Windows 10 is the latest release of the operating system developed by Microsoft on the market. Which has very noticeable advantages compared to past deliveries. As for example the constant update of patches security that install automatically. If you wish you can know the weight of the updates

In addition, another relevant factor between the operating system is the Interface that shows the user, which is in a way very similar to that of smart devices. What has acquired a great acceptance by the frequent users of the operating system.

What advantages does this operating system offer users?

Although, it is somewhat heavier than the other operating systems, this is well rewarded when offering several improvements to its users.

Being one of the most important optimization in terms of safety, which is appreciable with the facial recognition service.

Which is usable with devices with cameras that support the application of infrared lighting, very similar to the Kinect.

We give you some security tips to log into Windows 10.

In addition, the operating system compresses the system files in order to make storage savings, said compression being evaluated in full installation.

Is it very difficult to adapt to the new interface?

For many users the migration of previous versions such as the 7 or even XP to Windows 10 it has resulted in a confusing process.

This is due both to the change in terms of access to programs and applications, and to the little explanation by the technicians who install it.

Although the reality is that adaptation process for users who already have experience in operating computers it’s not too late.

Perhaps at the beginning it can be somewhat complicated to handle, but after a few weeks it is easy to understand the new operation and handling of the system.

How to automatically log in to Windows 10 without asking for password?

Login to Windows 10

One of the things that represent a nuisance for some users in the delivery of the latest operating system, is that when logging on to the computer automatically the system asks us for a password and this process sometimes impairs the efficiency we have at the moment of starting .

Therefore, if this is your case and you want to avoid this step, what we should do is press start button (on some keyboards it has the Windows system logo), and then type the command “Netplwiz” and press enter, which will open a new window.

In this window we will look for an option that is at a glance where it says the users they must write their name and password to use the equipment “. After locating it, we proceed to uncheck the option, accept it and then restart the computer.

When the computer restarts it will send us directly to the desktop, without the need for the user enter your profile name and password, making access to the computer much more efficient. If the process did not work, it is most likely because the option is still enabled.

It is worth mentioning that this option can be very useful especially when we are in a hurry and do not want to waste time. Since in this way the login process will be carried out automatically if you request any password.

Finally, it is good to mention that the operating system Windows 10 offers very good features and tools. This being the main reason why it is the favorite of most people and therefore, it is one of the most used.

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