How to Automatically Update All Applications on my Windows 10 PC? – Step by Step

As not all of us are immersed in the technological world, we may not know what applications are on our PCs. They must also be updated, as happens with applications on our mobiles. That is why in the next tutorial we are going to show you How to automatically update all the applications on my Windows 10 PC? Step by Step.

update apps

But why should these apps be updated? This is necessary for them to work correctly or for us to have the latest news that has been included in the update. But it turns out that this work can consume our valuable time if we decide to manually update one by one and we have more than 20 Apps.

Windows 10 offers us useful tools, as we have already seen in other articles that talk about it OS. We recently learned how to delete temporary files from the download folder, something that will allow you to have more speed in your searches.

How to automatically update all the applications on my Windows 10 PC

This Windows 10 operating system offers you the possibility to activate these updates automatically so you don’t have to do it manually. It is also advisable to have this function activated so as not to use applications with outdated versions. And this is due to our little interest or no knowledge about this feature.

When we activate this option, whenever there is an update, it will be installed on our computer automatically. And the intervention by the user will not be necessary, nor will it send you a message requesting permissions. You must also remember that this function will be carried out as long as you are connected to the network.

The first thing we must do to automatically update all applications on my Windows 10 PC. It is to click on Start so that you have access to the store and then you will select Microsoft Store. When you have entered you must look for the Settings option, for this you go to the upper right corner, where the three-point icon is.

This action will generate a menu and you will select the Configuration option, then in fact this will take you to its window. And as a first option you will find Update applications automatically. In general, this option is deactivated and you must activate it, to do this you just have to make a clip on the switch and it will change to Activated.

And it will be ready and every time an update is available it will be installed automatically on your PC. And you will have no problem with having an application on your computer outdated or outdated. But we have to tell you that although the automatic update is enabled, some Apps cannot be updated, then you can do the following.

When you get errors when updating applications

It is very likely that our computer has more than two disks and it is very frequent that present errors that do not allow some applications to be updated. Or because the download location is not correct and we must change it. To do this we go to Settings, as you know this you do from Start and then click on Systems.

Here you must assign the new download address, then you will go to Storage, which is on the left side in the side menu. And now you are going to select the option New content storage location. And you must make sure that it tells you that it will be installed on drive or disk C.

Now to verify that everything is fine and that the updates are going to be done correctly. Go to Settings, then click on the Applications and Features option, now scroll until you find the Application that you are going to update. And now you are going to select the Move option.

automatically update applications

And you are ready, the update will be carried out in the C unit, as we had already configured it, in this way we have given you important data so that you can update your App. And thus this article ends and we have shown you the steps what should you do to automatically update all applications on my Windows 10 PC.

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