How to Avoid and Protect My Browser Against Clickjacking Attacks

The Internet is a double-edged sword. It can be a great tool, but if we don’t use it correctly, we can hurt ourselves. This time we want to focus on this last aspect and comment on a type of attack widely used by malicious people. Next we will teach you how to avoid and protect your browser against Clickjacking attacks.

What are Clickjacking attacks?

Clickjacking is also known as click hijacking, iframe overlay, or UI offset attack. We can define the Clickjacking attack as the malicious technique that cybercriminals implement to convince their victims to do click a link, URL, or button that seems harmless and safe; but the reality is that it is a malicious code.

When users click such harmless links or buttons, they open the doors of their computers for hackers to steal personal information, install malware, or even take control of the computers. Some even do it to steal «likes» on social media.

Clickjacking works in the following way: the hacker creates a fake website or uses vulnerable pages; for embed a transparent inframe below a legitimate link, button, or page. So when the user clicks on that item that seems safe the iframe embedded by the hacker runs on the computer and opens the doors to all the sensitive information.

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For example if you enter a web page and see a publication that says: if you click here you will earn a lot of money, the attacker aligns a hidden button with the real button. When you click that button, you will be clicking the invisible button, then the hacker will start to act on your device.

Cybercriminals can also use social media to add malicious code to their most popular buttons, such as «Like» buttons on Facebook and Instagram. Although this attack may seem harmless it can also be used for more deadly purposes such as taking full control of your team.

This type of attack is difficult to detect because the hacker takes care of disguise your evil codes as a legitimate part of a website; it also takes advantage of curiosity, human weakness and the desire to get free things to cheat.

  1. The main measure that users can take to prevent this attack is to use the judgment and being cautious when using the internet. This is important because cyber attackers use the naivety of their victims and human weakness to unconsciously execute actions.
  2. Do not click on suspicious links or offers that seem very attractive because they can be a scam. These types of threats are one of the many dangers in social media.
  3. It uses browsers recognized for their security, among them is Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera; and update them frequently.Clickjacking with binary background
  4. Install extensions in your browser to complement it. Among them are NoScripr or NotScript that are in charge of blocking those pages or sections that it considers dangerous.
  5. Install antivirus on your computers with browser protection and keep them updated to avoid vulnerability in the system. If you don’t know which one to download, you can check the list we’ve made of the best free and paid antivirus for PC.
  6. Be careful with pages that use their own pointer; because these can display a fake pointer that is used to make the victim click on fake buttons.
  7. It is also recommended to configure a navigation template manually with the aim that iframes have a dark background and thus avoid transparent elements placed by hackers on authentic web pages.
  8. Configure and improve the security of your Firefox, Chrome, Opera or any other browser you use.
  9. Disable JavaScript or specific plugins in your browser, which are automatic functions with a certain vulnerability.

Avoid being victims of the unscrupulous people that abound on the internet by taking the necessary measures to protect your browser and electronic device. Never think that you will not be victims of these cybercriminals, always be cautious and use judgment when using the internet.

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