How to Avoid and Report Impersonation Emails in Gmail

Due to the amount of information exposed on the network, the Phishing in Gmail it is a very common case. This can be given for different reasons, which seek to deceive those who receive these emails.

They are created to be shared confidential information online, which can be of any type. It is possible that emails with viruses are found that collect information from the computer that is confidential.

There is a way to avoid or report this, making the use of Gmail more secure and reliable for its users.

How to avoid and report phishing emails

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Care must be taken with posts from sites that request personal information. If you receive these emails, you should not provide what is requested there until you are sure that it is a legitimate site.

The first thing to do is open the site from another window instead of clicking on it. mail link. Keep in mind that Google will never send unsolicited messages asking for passwords or personal information.

Therefore, the Gmail spoofing it is easy to identify, you just have to be attentive to the signs. On many occasions, these messages are taken to the folder «Spam”.

spam emails

However, when this does not occur, it is important to avoid and defend against identity fraud. There are tools in Google (such as its Technical Support) in which complaints can be made easily.

It is important to check that the email address and sender’s name, match. You can also check if the email is authenticated and thus its accurate content can be verified.

If it contains access links, you can hover over them without clicking on the URL. If your description does not match, it is possible that there is phishing.

By checking the message headers, you can check if the header «from«Does not have a wrong name. Similar to the cases of fake emails on an iPhone, the solutions are quite simple to establish.

What Can Happen When Gmail Phishing Happens?

Through advertisements or supposed emails from sites that you usually use, these can be given impersonation cases. These can request information regarding bank accounts, social networks and even contain links full of viruses.

Opening the Gmail account from an Android device could also compromise information on that device. The emails that request personal information they could ask:

  • Usernames, passwords or request password changes.
  • Number of personal identification.
  • Bank account numbers.
  • PIN (personal identification numbers).
  • Credit card numbers.
  • Bank account challenge questions.
  • Date of birth.

confidential information

If you receive these emails, you must remove immediately since Google will never issue these emails. If it is considered that the Gmail account is at risk, it is important to go to Google’s security tools.

There, you will find the options for report the compromised account, something that should be done immediately. Otherwise, the account hacked or in which identity theft occurs, could be used to affect others.

If you have suffered this mishap, it is recommended to notify other people with whom you have constant contact by Gmail. Well they could receive these emails from your account and so they also become part of those who cheat.

If you do not attack these cases immediately, you can have a complete identity disadvantage. Well, whoever has the information provided, would have access to different accounts or confidential information.

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