How to Avoid Being Spying on My Computer’s Webcam

When we acquire a personal computer or laptop, we would never think that it is possible that you are spied on through the webcam that it has. And there are many people who refuse to believe it, but recently a website made the live broadcast of these cameras public and the alarms are active. It is for this that we will tell you how to avoid being spied on through my computer’s webcam.

avoid hidden camera

Is that the invasion of our privacy has always been a very sensitive and controversial issue. It is said that not only are these devices used to spy on us, other means are also used such as applications that use the microphone to spy on us. It is in this sense that we must take all the necessary precautions to avoid being another victim.

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We have talked about this topic in previous articles and we offered you validated suggestions so that you do not fall into the hands of these computer hackers.

You can remember this in the tutorial where we explain how to prevent my Android cell phone from spying on me and listening to what I speak. But then we will tell you what you should do to avoid being spied on through my computer’s webcam.

How to avoid being spied on through my computer’s webcam

It is that hackers are specializing in such a way that entering a laptop through the microphone or the webcam, too easy.

Since they make use of so-called creepware, which are specialized types of Trojans that will spy on you through these means. They can even access your mobile phone without major complications.

But in order to avoid these virtual malicious people, we are going to show you several effective methods so that you can put a wall between these undesirables and your privacy.

First of all, we will talk to you about a tool or program that will notify you or launch an alert at the moment in which a suspicious event occurs when entering your Webcam.

The program in question that will help you for this purpose is called Oversight and it is one of the many that you can find on the net.

But this is very simple to use and will only do what we need and that is to alert us, when it tries to make an entry through your camera to spy on you or through the microphone.

Other methods to avoid being spied on through my computer’s webcam

In the case that you do not want to use programs, nor do you want to be alerted and all you want is to avoid the entry, then you can use the following method. That could not be more practical, effective and simple and it is also a recommended practice. And it is the disconnection of your webcam, if they use the USB port to connect to your PC.

There are other ways to disable it through the PC’s BIOS, but it is something that will require the presence of an expert in the field.

But if your Webcam is connected through a USB cable, you will not need more, just disconnect it and it will be impossible for them to spy on you this way. But if you still think that it is not enough, we bring you a third and final method.

This last solution to avoid being spied on through the webcam of my computer and is the use of the well-known post-it. This is something that you have surely seen a lot in laptops or smartphones, they are species of adhesive or stickers that are used to cover the camera lenses, something simpler and simpler than this impossible.

If you do not want it, you should not make a large investment in it, but current fashion has allowed the development of varied and funny very colorful designs.

To be placed on the lenses of your Smartphone. Nothing escapes modernism and turning something tragic into a fashion accessory to beautify your mobile phone.

avoid spy on camera

And so far we have come up with the practical recommendations that you can use to avoid these cyber criminals. And all the options that exist for avoid being spied on through my computer’s webcam.

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