How to Avoid Cuts When Watching Series and Movies in VLC By Increasing the Buffer (Example)

Who does not like to enjoy a good series or movie? Surely most of us. However, it can be a bit annoying if our VLC player does not play the video well and start to make cuts or look pixelated. If this is your case, don’t worry, in this article we will show you how to configure your VLC.

What is the buffer?

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The buffer, or better known as buffer In English, it is basically where the memory of any digital device is located.

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It is used for the temporary storage of data during the waiting time before it can be processed. In this way, the program that needs it is prevented from running out of data. This can happen because there is some irregular transfer or the speed of the process is very fast.

This small cache helps us to time to play a video and that this does not stop. This is possible thanks to the fact that the buffer processes a few seconds before the video we are watching so that we do not have any problems.

In spite of everything, the default buffer is not very large, so the memory it stores is not very much either. This can cause that when we are watching some high definition video cuts occur that become quite annoying.

But all is not lost, the default buffer memory size can be increased to prevent these outages from occurring. You just have to configure it so that you do not have any problems while watching your favorite series and movies.

This article is prepared to explain in a simple way how configure VLC buffer and end the cuts at once.

How to configure VLC buffer?

VLC buffer settings

The steps to do this configuration are quite simple. You should already have the VLC player installed, so we’ll start from this point. In case you don’t have it, you can download the latest version of VLC Media Player for Free.

To start with the configuration, the first thing you should do is open the main window of the VLC player. Once inside, you must open the tools menu of this App so that you can access the preferences of this player.

Already in the preferences menu, you will see a window with many specifications about the player. If this window does not appear, you should go to the lower left and look for the option Show Settings and set it to All mode. Returning to the list of preferences, we will look on the left row for a box called Input / Codecs and we will click on it.

When you do this, another series of options will be displayed on the right. You must go to the options that are at the bottom and locate the box Advanced, where you can make the configuration you want.

Again you will see another series of options that you must expand so that your buffer has a larger memory. And of course so you can watch your videos without any kind of interruption when using your VLC player. What options should I expand? You may be wondering, don’t worry, then we’ll show you what they are.

The first is File Cache, this option shows you, worth the redundancy, your player’s cache VLC to play the videos. The second is Network cache, which will allow you to expand the cache when watching streaming videos or watching them online.

After you have increased these values ​​and accepted them, it is necessary to restart your VLC player for the changes to be saved correctly.

When you open it again, you can test it and see that the problem of pixels and cuts when playing something disappeared.

Now, if the problem still persists, one of the reasons may be that you have a low-end processor. This will make it difficult for you to play HD videos.

To be able to watch videos in 4K or HD just fixing your VLC settings is not enough. It is necessary that you also have a good graphics card and a good processor, otherwise it will be useless.

If this is your case, we can recommend that you convert the format of your videos to a lower quality one. In this way your PC will be able to reproduce the videos without problems. Find out how to put a wallpaper video with VLC.

Learn how you can easily download and update VLC codecs.

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