How to Backup or Create a Backup of your blog in Blogger

Back up your blog on Blogger It is one of the amazing possibilities that this platform for the professional creation and editing of web pages allows. A backup copy is necessary in case a hack or unforeseen event occurs and you have to recover the information.

If you want to make a backup copy of your blog in Blogger to prevent any mishap with your information, this article will help you a lot. Here we will explain how to make a endorsement of the content, comments and topic of your blog on the Blogger platform, so read on.

How to make a backup or create a backup of your blog in Blogger?

In this age where the hacker is a leading character in all virtual theft of information, we must be as cautious as possible with our information. This applies not only to personal and confidential information, but also to own content on the internet.

If you have a blog, the information you have put in it may also be the victim of a hack or a irretrievable loss. For this reason, it is more than necessary to make a backup of your blog in Blogger, so that you can get that information in case you lose it.

The Blogger portal allows you to make a backup your blog easily. To do this, you have to follow the following steps; You must first enter Blogger, remember that you will do this from the account with which you have registered the blog.

Once inside Blogger, you must click on the blog you want to back up, in the case of having several blogs. Then you will have to click on ‘Settings’ from the main menu, which it is located to the left of the interface.

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Later you will go to the option ‘Manage the Blog’, and you will click on ‘Create backup copy of the content’; and finally, you have to click download. This is done for the case of run a backup of your blog content, but remember that it can also be done with the topic and its comments.

How to back up the topic and blog comments with Blogger?

Sometimes it is also necessary to make a backup of your blog in Blogger regarding the information about the topic you have established or created, and of the comments that have been registered in the blog.

In this sense, to create a backup copy of these, we will apply a process similar to the previous one. Starting with the comments from your blog, you can make a backup with the following steps: access Blogger, click on the blog in question and then on ‘Settings’ from the main menu.

When you get to the option ‘Manage the blog’, you have to click on ‘Import content’ and then on ‘Import’. Finally, select the file you want, they are usually in .xml format, and click open. And voila, this process is also called importing comments.

In the case of the backup of the theme in your blog you will apply the following: in the main menu within Blogger, choose ‘Theme’, then click on the three dots on the left, and select ‘Create backup’; Finally, all you have to do is click on ‘Download’. This is how simple it is.

What other possibilities does Blogger understand for our Blog?

Now, in addition to how to make a backup or create a backup copy of your blog in Blogger, there are many more benefits that you can get if you use this blog and page creation portal.

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And is that as we just said, the main task of Blogger is to create a blog on the internet, in which you can use a lots of possibilities as an activity of the same. Likewise, you can even create an online store with Blogger for free.

In addition, any platform of this nature that you want to create with Blogger, you can customize it with own tools of this platform.

And not only that, but also all the content that you want to edit, create and do with respect to images on your blog, Blogger will give you the tools for it. For this reason, do a backup is the most recommended.

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