How to Balance the Sound of Headphones or Earphones with the Balance Audio APK on Android

Our Android Smartphones have a wide variety of functions and options that facilitate the use of the same device, and in case of not having the option that we need within the same operating system of the phone, we can simply resort to the existing applications within the official store of Google Play Store.

In this store we can find a large number of applications of all kinds, games, books and movies, so it really has a diverse amount of options to be able to download and improve the experience with our devices.

Normally our device has several options that allow us to modify the values ​​of the device that we want, a great example of this is the option of the volume balance of our device when using the hearing aids, which allows us to configure the amount of sound that will come out through the left and right speaker of the hearing aid, or from any horn that is linked or connected to the phone.

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This function can be very useful in case you have problems with your hearing aids, either because an audiphone sounds louder than another, or even if you have a physical damage that makes only one work, you can turn the hearing aid that is in good condition to full volume.

modify phone volume

How do I adjust the sound balance in my phone’s earphones?

As we previously mentioned this is an option that offers the accessibility of the phone, if you want to access it you will first have to enter the system settings of your device, in the accessibility section and then in Audition, in case you don’t find it this way, you will also be able to find these options by entering Sound and vibration and then Audition.

In case the hearing aid does not sound even if you gave it all the balance, it must be that the speaker of the same has internal damage Or the cable itself is broken, so the only option you have is to buy new headphones.

However, there are some devices that do not have this balance option within the system by default, so they will have to download an external application that fulfills the same functions where there is even an application capable of controlling the volume of each application installed on the device.

sound balance

How to adjust the sound balance with other external applications?

In case you cannot find this option in the Accessibility of your phone, you can download a music player that has these same characteristics so that you can configure the volume and sound of the music you are listening to, then we will show you some applications that can serve as an alternative for sound balance.

Rocket player is an application that works like a music player, which also starts to play from the first moment the program is installed. automatically recognize the albums and artists of the songs that we have downloaded to the phone, in turn it has an equalization option that will also have the function of balance the sound of the hearing aids, you can download it through the Google Play Store for free.

If what you need is a simple, modern and space-consuming music player Poweramp is what you needWith this application you will be able to modify various values ​​regarding the sound of the music and it also offers certain functions that guarantee a comfortable experience when listening to music with headphones.

Too has the sound balance So that you can make the modifications you need to the sound of your hearing aids, you can get this App for free from the Google Play Store.

Viper is an application that will allow you customize general Android OS audio, and in an advanced way, so you can change any audio parameter of the device among which of course also includes the sound balance option so that you can modify why the hearing aid will produce the most sound.

This application you can’t find it through the official Google Play Store, so you will have to download it as an APK file from the Viper application developer’s official page.

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