How to Ban Hackers in Minecraft Even Without Rank? (Example)

If there is a terrible problem in a video game, it is that hackers enter an online server. Since these create destruction wherever they pass. Minecraft is not safe from this problem (especially its PC version), for this reason the question will be answered today How to ban hackers in Minecraft even if it has no rank?

And it is that, nobody likes being on a server flooded with people with powers that literally do not follow the rules. This can ruin any game and even be the server crash Although this is good, that’s why it is so important to report or report a server or user in Minecraft.

How to ban hackers in Minecraft even if it has no rank?

To be honest and answer the question How to ban hackers in Minecraft even if it has no rank? You have to know is that it is not possible to do it on your own.

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In case you don’t know, entering a Minecraft server (officially) gives you a rank, which goes from lowest to highest. The level up or rank depends on the requirements that the server asks for (they usually appear on their official pages).

Requirements always vary but the most common are: doing things for the server (constructions, helping people to integrate, always being connected, among others), also the amount of minutes you spend on the server.

you died in minecraft

Some pages even let you buy the range either in-game or outside, however this practice is little used at the moment. These ranges are different in each server (the names), and what they do is differentiate who is who to be able to give it commands that They can use, in addition to houses, tools, among others.

Usually the ones who have the power to ban are the moderators, administrators, semi-moderators and creators or server owners. Since these are attributed commands such as / ban, / banip, among others. No one else on the server has that ability unless a moderator grants it to them, so in order to eliminate the hackers you will have to expose them.

Report on a hacker or report their presence

Now, to really answer the question How to ban hackers in Minecraft even if it has no rank ?, you must learn to deal with them without having special permissions.

Since you have no rank it is impossible for you to eliminate the hacker on your own, so you will have to tell an admin or moderator let him do it. In most of the servers, if not all, there is always a moderator active at any time, precisely to avoid inconveniences.

Go to him or write to him in the private chat of the game to notify you of the presence of a hacker. Then present evidence that verifies what you say, so the moderator can judge whether or not to ban someone (remember this is tricky).

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The tests are usually uploaded to the official page or are directly presented by some means to an admin, this is the one who will have the last decision. Contributors are often ranked higher, so maybe you could earn merit if you catch a hacker in action.

In case you don’t want to be a whistleblower, then you will have to progressively rise in rank until you can finally become a moderator and be able to ban people yourself, or directly create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in days (for example) , where you can give someone specific permissions to a server (yours), in order to ban people.

And with that last thing you read, you already know enough to say that the question How to ban hackers in Minecraft even if it has no rank?, I am answered. It is time for you to go to the game and start giving war to that plague known as hackers so that they do not continue to harm.

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