How to Become a Server Administrator in ARK: Survival Evolved or Make Another Admin

Being a server administrator in ARK: Survival Evolved contemplates a new responsibility with various functions, the power to decide what happens and what does not happen in the game and many other tools that can be considered as privileges of the game.

You may not know how you can become a server administrator in ARK: Survival Evolved, but here we will tell you that it is possible, in addition to giving you notions about the functionality of an administrator and the methods of how to do it from a PC.

What is a server administrator in ARK: Survival Evolved and what functions does it serve?

You may be a person who does not like online modalities in games like ARK: Survival Evolved, and for that reason you do not know what does it mean to be an administrator on a server, but we will tell you right away what it has to do with this type of special player.

Although ARK: Survival Evolved is not the only online survival game, in fact there are many other games like ARK: Survival Evolved, the truth is that this game is an example where you can observe the figure of an administrator on a server, which can have big differences with the rest of the players.

An administrator can then be considered as a player with more benefits than the others, and has the ability to fulfill the activities demanded by the game in a much easier way.

The functions of an administrator are very varied, in addition, this type of “special” players have the power to establish rules in the game, and make it happen. If these rules are not followed by the other users, the administrator decides what will happen to them, and finally will do what he wants, because he can do everything.

How to become a server administrator in ARK: Survival Evolved?

exist two main methods to become an administrator from a server in ARK: Survival Evolved from a computer, however, this can also be done from any other device, such as a Ps4, where it can be played online.

In the case of having a PC, you can follow one of the following methods, which seems easier or simpler to you, to become an administrator of your server and have these privileges and more.

The first method you have to enter ARK: Survival Evolved, then enter your game server, and press the tab key to continue. Once this step is completed, you must enter the following command as it is written: enablecheats ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD. Hitting enter, then you will try to change the administrator password, establishing one of your free choice, and you must stop the server to save the change and then restart it.

commands written to be administrator in ark

The second method, because it is very useful to have two ways for the amount of things you can do as an administrator, is basically to do it via STEAM_64_ID mode, and this is done through the game’s web interface. With the STEAM_64_ID installer you just have to insert it in the box that appears when you go to Settings, and in the General option. In these two ways you can get all the benefits of being an admin.

What are the benefits of being a server administrator in the survival game ARK: Survival Evolved?

One of the main needs as a player in ARK: Survival Evolved is the obtaining resources. Either how to obtain materials such as obsidian and metal, or how to get black pearls and white pearls in the game, with a single command that you can apply within the game, you will get 50 of these resources.

administrator riding ark dinosaur

It should be noted that survival is difficult even being a server administrator and having all these pluses, but it is true that it also becomes simpler that as it turns out for other users who are not administrators.

One of the best experiences in the game is the Tek level, and the artifacts that are built in it are impressive, that is why obtaining ore or element fragments becomes essential, and by becoming a server administrator you will be able to obtain these resources more quickly. So now, go ahead and experience the reality of an administrator in ARK: Survival Evolved.

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