How to Bend or Arch Text in Word Easily

Word is a word processor developed by the Microsoft company. It is the most widely used globally for both academic, professional or creative activities.

Texts can be written for any purpose and it is even possible to create a timeline. Also, Word has variety of tools that each have a different function. Therefore, within its functions it is possible to format an informative text and a text can also be curved.

Easily arch a text in Word

The word processor allows you to bend or bend the inserted texts easily, only with a few simple steps you can achieve it. First you must open Microsoft Word from your mobile or pc, later write the text which you want to arch. Once the text is ready, everything can be selected with the help of the mouse, when it is selected, click on «insert».

Use Microsoft Word on PC and Android

When you open the option, you will find a tab with a variety of functions, so you should look on the right side for the option to «Wordart» in which you have to click. It is important to note that the option is identified by the letter «A», it is slightly inclined.

Together, when you click, a series of styles is displayed, therefore, you can choose the one you prefer, highlighting that the selected style will be applied automatically to the text you want to bend. Then the text is selected and it must be ensured that they are in the tab «drawing tool» in the format option. So if you are not located in the tab you can click on the text and it will automatically be in.

Subsequently, the option of «text effects» it allows to make the arc effect in the text. Then you can click and a menu with several options will be displayed, so you must select the «transform» option.

By clicking you will see the options of arcs and shapes that can be applied to the selected text, among which are: arc up, arc down, circle, button and at the bottom there are additional shapes. And to make things even easier, you can activate the autosave function.

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Technique for arching or curving a text

So when selecting for example the arc up option you can see how it is applied in the text at once. But the arc that was applied is small, the shape that the text takes is a minimal arc.

Work Word document

In order to make the arch bend or arch further, it is necessary to stand in the circle displayed below the text. Being located above the circle, it clicks and it moves downwards, in this way you can visualize how the arc is acquiring more shape.

Similarly, if the acquired shape is not the desired one and you want a deeper arc to be displayed, you can select the circle on the right side of the text. By having it selected you can move the mouse from right to left and it is automatically visualized as the arc acquires a greater shape.

You can arch the text below or on the right side until you find the correct shape or curve. At the same time, if you want to obtain the text with a downward arc, you must perform the same procedure but in transform you have to click on the option «bow down».

It will also be adjusted with a smooth curve and the depth of the arc can be adjusted with the same option, moving the circles that are displayed next to and below the text.

In short, using Microsoft Word tools is simple, so you can manage to arch the text easily. You can also format an informative text or shape any text from the same option to transform, you can apply the designs until you select the appropriate one.

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Have you managed to curve or bow a text in Word by following these steps? Do you know of another method to bend or arch text in Word? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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