How to block advertising SMS or text messages

How to block advertising SMS or text messages

How long has it been since you sent SMS? Text messages have passed away, at least for ordinary users, with the arrival on the market of instant messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram. In many operators, in fact, SMS have become a luxury product. Because they have to be paid separately.

Sending SMS or text messages is no longer an option for mobile users. But it seems that the same has not happened in the case of companies, brands and businesses. In recent weeks, we have detected a noticeable increase in the reception of SMS messages.

And we not only receive them from our operators. But also from online stores, services to which we have just subscribed. Numbers that we have made some type of commercial consultation. And even brands that do not sound familiar to us.

block SMS or text messages

Is it possible to block advertising SMS or text messages?

When you receive an SMS or text message that you are not interested in, you can do nothing. Ignore the message and pretend nothing happened. If you do not tackle the problem, in fact, this will repeat itself. Also, if it happens to you like us, chances are that receive messages from different senders. So in the end, the bombing may be unsustainable.

You should know, first of all, that the Android operating system itself has a procedure with which you can block the senders of those messages that do not interest you. This may change slightly depending on the model or brand, but in principle, it shouldn’t be too complicated.

If you have a Samsung device, for example, all you have to do is access the Phone application. Next, you will have to access the Records section. And here you will get an exact list of all those senders who have contacted you, either through calls or text messages.

Select the sender you want to block, keeping your finger pressed on it. Next, tap on the More icon (the three dots you have at the top right) and choose the option Add to auto reject list.

The procedure is practically the same for almost all brands. It is important that you select the messages and/or senders, to immediately go to the options menu, using the three vertical points that give access to more options.

block SMS and calls

Install a specific app to block SMS and calls

Another interesting option is to install a specific application. In the market you have many options, with the that you can not only block SMS or text messages. But you can also avoid calls. Yes, the one about that commercial that insists day after day just at siesta time.

One of the best rated apps on the Play Storethe Google app store, is call-control. It is a fairly complete tool, which will not cost you to install. And much less use. If you want to block SMS and calls through an Android app, follow the instructions below.

1. The first thing you have to do is install the application call-control. It is free and available in Spain. You won’t have any problem.

2. Next, open Call Control. You will have to configure the application. And this happens by giving it a couple of permissions: to manage calls and access your contacts. Then you will have to log in. You can do this with a Google or Facebook account. Also with an email address.

3. then you will have to decide what you want to block. At this point you will be able to block calls from unknown, private and hidden contacts, as well as from robot calls, recent scams and any other number that has recently been reported as commercial or fraudulent.

On the main screen of the application, you will have access to the list of blocked and allowed. From here you can add exceptions, such as the SMS that alerts you of the bank balance or that you already have your electricity bill ready to check.

If you don’t want anyone to bother you at a certain time, you can also you can activate the Do Not Disturb mode and connect with the user community to be aware of the latest scams and nuisance senders.

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