How to Blur with Sony Vegas Pro on Videos

Can I blur the background of my videos on Sony Vega Pro? What do i need for add a blurred background or out of focus to my videos? How can I blur the background of my videos with the Sony Vegas Pro editor?

Sony Vegas Pro is an excellent video editor with which you can make multiple edits thanks to all the options it offers you. With Sony Vegas Pro it is possible to add lighting to your videos, cut parts, add effects, add or insert texts or titles to a video and hundreds of other options.

The Blurred or “Defocused” background effect It can make any simple photo look professional and the object in the middle stand out much more, which is quite useful in short videos.

In case you don’t know how to add or apply a blurred background or blur in videos with Sony Vegas Pro editor Today we explain how to do it step by step. Also once you learn how to add a blurred or unfocused background you can add credits to your video.

Can I put an out-of-focus background in a video with Sony Vegas Pro?

We have good news for you, yes. Using this resource is not difficult at all, many editing programs are capable of doing it, but you must bear in mind that you cannot apply it with any video you have. You need to make sure your clips do what is necessary to continue.

What does it take to create a blurred background in a video with Sony Vega?

For edit a video with Sony Vegas Pro and add or apply a blurred or unfocused background, you only need to have the Sony Vegas Pro editor downloaded to your computer, you can download it from its official website for free, and it is also available for all versions of Windows.

Next you need to select the video in which you want to apply a blurred or unfocused background, the video must have a 480p minimum quality since otherwise the out-of-focus effect will not be noticeable.

settings blurred background defocused sony vegas

In case you cannot add a blurred or unfocused background to your video because the Sony Vegas Pro editor stopped working or does not open, you can restart your PC or check that the editor is in its latest version. This way you can start editing your video.

How to blur a video using Sony Vegas Pro

The blurred or blurred effect is one of the most used to give a professional edge to photos and videos. Allows the viewer to focus on the most important point in the image. Learn to use this resource in just 4 steps.

Import the video to Sony Vegas Pro

  1. To begin, we need to add the video files that we are going to use and thus be able to edit them in its interface.
  2. Once we are inside Sony Vegas, move the cursor to click the File drop-down menu.
  3. Press Import and then select Media to choose the clips.
  4. Finally, you must click OK and your files will already be imported.

Add blur or blur background to video

Once you have selected the video to which you will apply the blurred or out-of-focus background, you must enter the Sony Vega Pro editor and select the “Blur” option that is next to the icon of a paint bottle.

However, it is important that before you create several layers in your video to avoid inconveniences, you can do this pressing Ctrl + C key. Next you must create a new video track and place it at the top.

In the “panning” section you will find the “Mask” box On which you must click, in this way you will be able to create a freehand mask over the area of ​​your video where you will not apply the blurry or out-of-focus background effect.

After closing the work area, the background will be completely black, for this it is necessary to apply the effect “Sony Gaussian Blur”, the parameters that you must add are 0.08 for it to look natural.

Edit and customize the blur effect in your video

From the control panel and once the Gaussian blur effect is selected, go to ‘Blur dimensions’ to check ‘Horizontal and Vertical’.

In that same section you can find the ‘Blur’ option, from which you are allowed to customize its intensity according to your needs.

Steps to improve the ‘Blur’ effect on Sony Vega Pro

In case you are not satisfied with the blurred or unfocused background, the Sony Vega Pro editor allows you to improve this through its tools, in the “Video event effects” section you must enter again and then click the “Mask” option.

blurred background defocused sony vegas pro videos

In the first layer or the area where the center of the video is located, you must click the left button of the mouse and then on “Select” to choose the “All” option.

Then you must choose the type of pen with which you feel most comfortable working, however it is advisable to work with the pen tool “Both”However this will depend on the type of video.

Once you have selected the type of pen, you must increase its radius by pressing the “+” button, in this way you will be able to see how the background of your video deepens or blurs in a more “natural” way.

View the results and save the file

Nothing better than seeing the results after learning something new. We recommend that you check every detail so that you are sure that all the ones you have made have been saved correctly. Do not forget to export your finished file, if you do not know how to do it, we will explain it to you below.

  1. Select the project properties option, you can identify it with a gear icon in the upper left. A window for many settings will open for you.
  2. In the ‘Template’ box, you should check if it says: Custom (1920×1080; 29,970 fps).
  3. In the ‘Field order’ box select ‘None (progressive scan)’.
  4. Depending on the frames with which your video has been graded, select 29 or 60 in ‘Frame rate’.
  5. In the rendering section mark ‘The best’.
  6. Where it says ‘Resample Mode’ select ‘Disable resampling’.
  7. Continue by clicking ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.
  8. Go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Render’ to choose the format.
  9. Finally, name your file and press ‘Render’.

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