How to Bookmark Minecraft to Never Get Lost

The world of Minecraft is very big. So big that it is impossible for one person to explore every corner of the Minecraft biomes without getting lost. So it is important to have measures not to get lost, that is why today we show you how to put bookmarks in Minecraft so you never get lost.

What are markers?

It’s hard to tell what a person is referring to when they talk about “bookmarks” in Minecraft. A marker is anything that marks a position, and that can be from a large tower that is seen from afar, to a banner that can be read from a map. Thanks to the bookmarks you can easily find your house in Minecraft.

Markers on a map

In Minecraft, we can read a map to see the terrain that you have already explored. If you have used them, you know that everything is viewed from an elevated perspective, and that the map uses “paintings” colored fills that indicate the block in each zone.

Some map features are unique to the java version of minecraft and others from the Bedrock version (Windows 10 version). So here we explain what “marker” means in each version.

Java Edition

In the Java edition, the map is created with 8 pieces of paper and a compass. When you create a map, you can automatically see where you are and where you are looking.

Bookmarks are created using banners. If you have the map in hand, you can press the “use” button (usually right button) on the banner. By doing this, the position of the banner will be saved on the map until you break the banner or “use” the map on it again.explore map

Multiple banners can be stored on a map, and if the banner has a name, it is displayed on the map. This is quite useful for marking cave entrances, or similar points. After all, buildings are usually clearly visible on the map without using them.

Bedrock Edition

In the Bedrock edition, you can create a map without using a compass, using just 9 pieces of paper. In this case the “marker” is what indicates where the player isr and where you look.

A map created without a compass does not have a marker, and can be added to it by combining the map with a compass. In this edition of Minecraft, banners have no function with the map.

Markers on the ground

Whether you have a map or not, altering the terrain of the world is a very effective way to mark points. You can use it on a small scale, by leaving traces of wool or torches. You can also use it on a large scale, creating towers or holes. Some effective markers They are:


Smoke rises, and a line of smoke is very easy to see from afar, even in poor visibility. A perimeter marked with bonfires it is very useful. If you put a block of hay under the fire, the smoke rises higher.

minecraft biomes


At night, when the sunlight is low, and in forests and caves where the sun does not penetrate, illuminated areas are very easy to see. That’s why the torches they are very good ground markers in these cases.

Other markers like Flashlights or Lamps they are also useful, but more difficult to do. That’s why we recommend torches, which are cheap and easy to carry.


If the goal is to be seen from afar, a illuminated tower It is the best. Also, you can use a well-made tower to store items and protect yourself from threats

Bread crumbles

A trace is the most efficient way to mark the terrain. Here we recommend some objects that you can use for that:

  • Torches: They shine and you can use them to mark a path
  • Illuminated pumpkin: Shines and has a face that points in one direction
  • Posters: You can write the name of the place and draw arrows (—>)
  • Lawn path: By “using” a shovel on the ground, a very easy-to-see path is created.
  • Wool: It is of various colors, and can be used to indicate different destinations, and even different directions.

The world of Minecraft is huge, so it is always advisable to carry a compass that points home. Get out your adventurous spirit!

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