How to Boot a Virtual Machine From a USB Drive in VirtualBox (Example)

By having the opportunity to work with a particular operating system through a computer, we have the opportunity to experience the latest in technology: a clean user interface, a simple and quite friendly navigability, as well as the comfort around the corner. every corner.

In both Windows and MacOS operating systems it is something that we can easily see. This, not to mention all the hours that are invested in the programming of each of these systems to be able to polish them to the point where they are today.

Really. They end up being a fantasy for all adept of general technology and computing, in a world where every little detail must be painted with care for the well-being of the user. Now if you are one of those fans of the technology, and probably a developer or programmer, you might be interested in being able to use a virtual machine for your own interests.

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We say this because through a virtual machine you can experiment with all kinds of programs or operating systems in order to optimize and experiment in aspects of comfort and functionality on different fronts of any type of operating system or program in general.

Once we have the opportunity to work with a virtual machine, we realize how much money we can save, as well as how easy it is to test a program within a controlled environment.

However, you may find yourself with the problem that many users come to encounter, and that is being able to start a virtual machine through a pen drive. If you can do it, the whole process of using a virtual machine is much easier. That is why if you have that problem you can continue reading, because below we will show you how you can make a virtual machine in VirtualBox boot through a USB drive.

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Booting to USB in VirtualBox

In order to carry out the entire boot process from a USB drive in VirtualBox, we must make a hide functionality using the same VBoxManage, which will let us boot the operating system we want from a USB drive, to do this, do the following:

  • To begin, we must know what disk number the USB drive has within Windows and where we must have the operating system installed. For this we will press the Windows key + R and we will write the command «diskmgmt.msc» and if the USB drive appears in the fifth place, this means that it has the number 5 assigned.
  • Now, open a command prompt window running it as administered, and within the same window we will write the command «cd% programfiles% Oracle VirtualBox«. Remember that this is the address where VirtualBox is installed, and if it is elsewhere you must specify it.
  • Now we will introduce the following command «VBoxManageinternalcommandscreaterawvmdk -filename C: usb.vmdk -rawdisk \. PhysicalDrive #”Considering that the «#» will be the disk number assigned for the USB drive. Also, within the field that says “usb.vmdk”We will have to specify that same number which will make us transform the USB drive into a vmdk disk compatible with VirtualBox.
  • Next, we will have to run VirtualBox as administrator and perform the steps for a virtual machine, and where a hard disk is specified for the virtual machine, the option of «Use an existing virtual hard disk file”To select the USB drive to finish by clicking“Create”.

Remember to verify that the process has been done correctly by going into Settings and making sure that your USB drive appears within the Storage Tree.

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Where else can I do it?

If VirtualBox is not entirely to your liking, you have to remember that you also have the option to use VMWare, but if you decide on this you must also download the tool PlopBoot Manager to be able to create the whole process, which makes it a totally different one. Note that you can also share files and folders from the pc to the Virtual Box virtual machine.

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