How to Build in Fortnite? – Build Faster and More Efficient (Example)

New to Fortnite? Then the following guide is exactly what you should read to improve in this popular video game. Today you will learn How to build in Fortnite? – Build faster and more efficient.

Construction in Fortnite

Possibly one of the most characteristic and original aspects of the videogame Fortnite, is the ability to build. This refers precisely to the ability we have to build walls, stairs, floors and ceilings in battles within the game.

Fortnite constructions they will allow you to protect yourself from your enemies and in turn to achieve the necessary height to obtain an advantage against them. It is for this reason that editing much faster and better in Fortnite is a requirement for anyone who wants to stand out in this video game.

Through the following guide we will point out some of the things you should know to improve your skills when building in Fortnite.

Build in Fortnite

How to build in Fortnite? – Build faster and more efficient

The construction is a process that can seem complex to inexperienced users, in any case with practice and with the proper settings it can be learned easily. Given this, we recommend you read the following article and in this way learn about construction in this popular game:

The controls

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when building is to master the controls perfectly, at least in the case of the computer, since when playing on Xbox or PlayStation the controls are somewhat more optimized.

But what is Fortnite and how is it played? Fortnite is a Battle Royale-style game, which integrates a very original new modality: we refer specifically to construction. In any case, construction in Fortnite involves mastering a new way of playing and before this the proper setting of controls it is essential.

If you want to build more efficiently, it’s best to configure the build controls to make them more comfortable. As we pointed out before, the default controls on PC are not the most indicated, in fact, they could become very uncomfortable, before this it is necessary to opt for more efficient configurations.

There are many control configurations for construction in Fortnite. Even so, all of them comply with a fundamental principle and that is that building keys are easy to access. Given this, we recommend the following basic configuration for the things you can do in creative mode:

  • Wall: in the case of the wall, we recommend using the key “Q”, which is very easy to access, something especially useful to quickly protect yourself from the shots of your opponents.
  • Stairs: The stairs are very important in Fortnite, so it is also essential to have them at your fingertips, so we recommend you position them on the key “AND”.
  • Flat: for more advanced constructions the floor is essential, in relation to this we recommend placing it on the key “C”.
  • The ceiling: Although many people do not use the roof, the truth is that it is very useful and it is something that you should apply. Regarding the configuration, we recommend using the key “V”.

Shooting in Fortnite

Practice building

If what you are looking for is to build faster, once you have properly configured the construction controls, the only thing you can do to improve is practice. Fortnite is a video game that is characterized by demanding a lot from the players, for which improvement is essential.

If you do not want to run into players who are superior to you or who build more efficiently, without a doubt what we recommend is to enter modes such as “Creative” where you can properly practice your construction skills.

The truth is that there are no magic ways to build faster, the only way is to practice and apply the tactics that best suit the way you play. In addition to this, we recommend observing professional players, because you can always learn a little by watching Gameplays from prominent people.

In addition to the above aspects, it is imperative that collect a lot of materials as you go playing your games. Undoubtedly, this is something that you must take into account, since running out of materials is usually synonymous with losing the game in most cases.

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