How to Buy a Hosting and Domain in Cheap Banahosting (Example)

Banahosting is an American company; that offers hosting and domain name management services at very competitive prices. It started its activities in 2007, being a profitable option to start an online business. Today you will see how to buy a cheap hosting and domain in Banahosting.

It is currently done necessary to have a presence on the Internet. For that we need a domain, but what is it, what is it for and how many types of Internet domain are there? basically it is the name that our website will have.

Of course, your web page must be somewhere. So the question arises, what are the best VPS servers to host my website? Then, Banahosting is an excellent option and is part of that list.

Learn how to buy a cheap hosting and domain at Banahosting

What hosting and domain services are offered at Banahosting?

hosting and domain services are offered at Banahosting

Banahosting has 5 types of hosting services, each one with plans to choose from, thus covering the needs of its clients; The hosting services are the following: Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Servers, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.

After trying it, you will like it so much that you will want to add and buy a second domain at Banahosting; or maybe add a domain to Cpanel and install WordPress on Banahosting. Thanks to the quality of this service.

What are the characteristics of the hosting plans in Banahosting?

Web Hosting Service

Service Web Hosting is one of the cheapest, their plans offer a storage space on SSD hard drives and unlimited monthly bandwidth; They have free migration from Cpanel to Cpanel, free SSL / TLS certificate and support 365 days a year.

The plans for Web Hosting are: Bana-Starter Deluxe, Bana-Professional Deluxe and Bana-Corporate Deluxe; the first plan hosts only one domain; while the others are unlimited, furthermore servers have CPU with different Ghz (3.8, 5.8 and 5.9 respectively) and DDR4 RAM (4GB, 6GB, 8GB).

Reseller Hosting

Service Reseller Hosting It is ideal for those who want to have their own hosting company; Banahosting will provide you with all the necessary tools, to resell accommodation in an unlimited way. In addition to adding your own brand, plans, prices, packages and offers.

The plans for Reseller Hosting are: Bana-Reseller-1, Bana-Reseller-2 and Bana-Reseller-3; all plans have hosting, database, sub-domains, cPanel, private DNS, SSL, WHMCS.COM license, unlimited email and FTP accounts; differ in the monthly bandwidth (5TB, 10TB and unlimited respectively).

VPS Servers Service

The sVPS Servers service It is for those looking for a hosting with high-performance servers with specific features; It is recommended for companies that know very well the amount of resources you need for your website.

The plans for VPS Servers are eight, and their names go from VPS1 to VPS8; in all cases they offer high-performance hard drives, but in other respects they vary from each other, because we can choose different CPU speeds, RAM memory, SSD disk, monthly bandwidth and the location of the server (Europe or USA).

Cloud Servers Service

The Cloud Servers service Like VPS Servers, it has plans that are tailored to your needs of the clients; but their servers are in the cloud. They have comparable performance to a dedicated server, but at a lower cost by being able to choose the desired features.

The plans for Cloud Servers are fifteen, all have a 10 TB monthly bandwidth; the differences arise due to the type of processor, the CPU (from 2×2.0 to 16×2.0 GHz), RAM memory (from 1.5 GB to 16 GB DDR3), or SSD hard drives (from 30 GB to 170 GB SAN Storage).

Dedicated Servers service

The Dedicated Servers service, is for large companies that require maximum power, fast servers and a monthly bandwidth of 100 TB. They are dedicated servers, whose resources will not be shared with other clients; perfect for websites with a lot of traffic.

The plans for Dedicated Servers are thirteen and have some differences between them; The processor can be Intel Xeon or Dual Xeon, the RAM (from 8 to 128 GB DDR3), SSD storage with Raid1 or Raid10 backup (from 1 to 512 TB), and the server location (USA or UK).

How to buy a cheap hosting and domain in Banahosting?

features that Banahosting hosting plans have

Banahosting has a large number of services and plans; but the Bana-Starter Deluxe plan will suffice for you. Banahosting occasionally offers attractive promotions that you can see in the “Offers” button, located at the top of their website:

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