How to Buy and Configure a Own Domain in Blogger? – Easy and Fast (Example)

Having a blog is not as easy as people think, this is not just writing and that’s it, but it takes special care on the part of its writer, who makes sure that everything is correct before publishing it. If you are one of those dedicated copywriters Today you will learn how to buy and configure your own domain in Blogger so you can create a successful page.

And it is that there is nothing more beautiful than they recognize you by your identity, and this is basically what it gives you to have a domain, to put a seal (at least in name) to your personal blog. Allowing people to no longer search for you like any other writer but to have a specific nickname to grow fond of.

Buy and set up your own domain on Blogger

Time to learn how buy and configure your own domain in Blogger, this is simpler than it sounds, you must first do the following:

Look for a reliable page to pay, on the internet there are many: Domino, OVH, or Dondominio are some of them, you just have to be careful when choosing (look for reviews first). One of the most recommended is Dondominio to buy in this you have to do the following:

After you have already entered their website, look for the name of the domain you want to place. You will get a list of those that are available and their respective prices.

Once you have verified that the one you want is Add it to the cart and proceed to create a customer account, You can do this by clicking on the icon of a person in the upper right.

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This will ask you for personal information (it is necessary to provide them by law and for the invoice). Once this is done, you will have to edit the data of the domain to buy by placing the information of who will be the owner.

Finally go to the cart and proceed with your purchase by clicking on the button “Pay purchase”. RRemember that VAT will also be charged, but if you live in an area where this measure is not used, you only have to certify that you reside there and it will be discounted.

To finish, follow the verification steps that asks for the page and voila. With this you can buy and configure your own domain in Blogger, or well at least buy it because now it’s time to configure it.

Set up your own domain

Once you get your own domain you will have to configure it, to achieve this you must first go to Blogger. Once there go to the section of “Setting”And then to “The basics”.

There will be an option that looks like a link called “Configure a URL for third parties on your blog ”. Click there to let you write the full address of your domain, then click “Keep” to confirm.

When you give it a save, it is most likely that you will get an error, but that is normal, right there it tells you how to solve it and the data that will appear below is entered as the CNAME, within the page where you created your domain. You just have to go to Dondominio and open the administration panel, in this you select the option “DNS zone” and later “New”.

blog letters on white keyboard

Enter the data it asks for: type, host, destination host, TTL and comment. As you read before, they will appear in the previous section so you should not have any problems, just enter them and go back to Blogger to hit “Keep”.

And with this everything will be ready, so you already know enough to be able to buy and configure your own domain in Blogger yourself without any problem. Now to complement, look for how to change the title of my blog or website, in order to personalize your experience.

Remember that having your own domain has many advantages, such as placing your own name on the blog, making it more interesting. Also the fact that it will have better visibility in the Google search engine so you can get more readers, among others. Best of all, in case you don’t like Blogger, you can always migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

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