How to Buy and Sell Works of Art or Paintings Abroad on the Internet?

The influence of the Internet has had a major impact on the way people consume content and make purchases. This can be seen reflected in various sectors such as art. There are multiple platforms to buy and sell works of art or pictures and you can do it in your locality or abroad by Internet.

The online market increases by leaps and bounds every day and artists can benefit from this change that is revolutionizing the way they shop. In previous years the trend to buy online has increased by 30% this year alone.

Buy and sell works of art online

The specialized sites to sell works of art represent a new opportunity for the artists to be able to show their creationswithout being limited by your geographic location. They can place almost any object for sale, although there are pages that are oriented only to the publication of paintings.

Saatchi Art

One of the best platforms to buy and sell art for its quality and solidity. Is currently available in more than 100 countries and offers a unique user experience due to the fact that it has artistic advice.

Buy and sell at Saatchi Art

For each sale that is completed, Saatchi keeps a percentage, but the advantage is that The platform takes care of the logistics of delivering the package. So the artist only has to worry about creating new works of art.

To be part of the Saatchi Art community user must provide identity credential and a logo of your personal brand. Then you must follow the security parameters and price your works to start selling.

Devian art

Devian Art is one of the most popular platforms for artists, designers and illustrators to share their creations. THas the largest user community of all platforms of its kind and has more than 45 million registered users.

Devian art

It is easy to access, you just have to complete the registration form to enter the site and expose your work. The works are divided by a very specific categorization, but at the same time it makes it an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. To buy, you just have to contact the seller directly, once you have seen something you want to buy.

People Art Factory

An excellent place to buy and sell works of art, especially for Spanish speakers, since the platform is available in Spanish. It is characterized by the possibility of customizing the sales space where the user presents his paintings.

People Art Factory

People Art Factory has three types of users. The free user can expose an unlimited number of art galleries, but can only have 500 Mb of storage. The premium user pays 7.5 Euros per month and gets 2 Gb of storage with greater exposure and positioning. While professional users have exclusive training and support, plus all the storage they want.

Be a freelance artist

To give a better projection to your works of art it is necessary repower your personal brand to offer professional service. The art sales portals are complementary to other sales channels that you can use.

  • Create a professional blog with valuable content and create a portfolio or a gallery where you expose your creations and work processes. The WordPress platform is great to start with because it is free and offers multiple easy-to-use tools.
  • Create a web page, a direct communication channel with you where potential clients can meet you and know who you are as well as what you do. In addition to keeping your clients updated with new creations.
  • Have a presence on social media. Post photos of your creations and work processes. It is an opportunity to meet other artists and do coworking. Instagram is the social network that is usually used par excellence because it is very visual.

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