How to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal Safely and Quickly

Bitcoin has been with us for more than ten years and every day it has gained the trust of people to use it as just like traditional money. If you are here you are surely interested in buy Bitcoin with Paypal without risk of being scammed.

Of all cryptocurrencies the Bitcoin (BTC) is presented as one of the most trustworthy Between people. Unlike Paypal, which is a service that is used to send and receive payments on a regular basis.

Why use Paypal to buy Bitcoin?

What has made Paypal so popular is because it is a very secure platform used to avoid scams. Not counting that Paypal is one of the safer payment platforms that exist with your encryption system.

Its support and customer service platform have helped more than one user after being stolen with a product or service. If the product you paid with Paypal does not meet the conditions, they are responsible for returning the money on your bill.

Another reason why Paypal has gained so many followers is because it allows you to associate the account with your credit cards or your bank accounts. It is a way to protect your bank details when sending or receiving money, as long as the other person has a Paypal account.

How to buy Bitcoin with Paypal

Every day there are more platforms that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with different payment methods. People who prefer to use Paypal to buy are no longer limited to two or three platforms, but there is a whole list of very reputable exchanges.


It is one of the most used Exchange at the present time because it offers high security standards with data encryption and the double authentication factor to access the account. It also offers one of the lowest commissions by charging only 0.10% for each transaction.

Buy Bitcoin with paypal
Using Binance to buy cryptocurrencies

If you are buying BTC for the first time, Binance is the ideal platform because it has a fairly intuitive interface. In addition, it has the same options on the page as in the App for the mobile, if you have experiences with applications of this type you will know how small the options can be from the mobile.


Known for being a peer-to-peer platform (P2P) or communication between equals. This means that the users of the platform communicate directly with each other to make transactions.

In this case LocalBitcoins works as a kind of intermediary which is responsible for protecting the cryptocurrencies temporarily until it is verified that there are no problems of any kind. When it is confirmed that everything is fine, the buyer receives their BTC and the seller the balance in Paypal.


Like LocalBitcoins, it is a P2P service, but characterized by allow users to make anonymous transactions. This does not mean that it is a risky transaction, on the contrary, they use end-to-end encryption.

LocalCryptos buy Bitcoin

LocalCryptos is not responsible for safeguarding your coins, nor does it know the private keys of the users. What allows each one has absolute control of their wallet and your balances.

When making a transaction the user is anonymous and will maintain direct contact with your counterpart. As for the commission per transaction, it offers a low rate by charging only 0.75% of the transaction to the buyer and 0.25% to the seller.


Paxful is a peer to peer platform, that is, buyers and sellers like the previous ones has direct communication to carry out transactions.

When making the Paxful transaction works as an intermediary and takes care of the money of its users. Holds the seller’s Bitcoin balance, until the buyer makes the payment.

The buyer has a limited time to pay, but once they do, they must validate it to complete the transaction. One of the biggest draws to Paxful is the number of payment methods they support, currently over 300.

Paxful does not charge commissions for buying Bitcoin on the platform. But if you charge between 0.5% to 1% for each transaction to the sellers.

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