How to Buy ‘Compendium’ in Dota 2 with or without Credit Card – Battle Pass

Some games like Dota 2, they implement a series of payments, to acquire equipment upgrades or new characters, to access this you must always have your game updated and have a WIFI network, since this title is only played online.

Currently and with the new updates that Valve has released, buying a compendium has become very easy to do, this allows you to date, a large number of advantages when playing and customize your account, the prices are accessible to the vast majority of the public, and being able to choose between 3, going from the simplest or basic, to the one with the best advantages.

What is a Compendium or Battle Pass?

The battle pass is a kind of micro payment, which is implemented by the game developer company, in order to implement improvements that benefit the entire community, the compendium consists of a payment, and accounts with 3 plans to choose, what these do is allow you to unlock unique items, and epic achievements that will make your game a real pleasure.

Over time, they have set various goals when raising funds, going as far as exceeding the $ 9 million, being part of these funds collected, distributed as prizes in the global events of the game, attracting many more people, who are willing to give everything in order to win some of these rewards.

The compendium also allows you to have unique items to customize your favorite hero, being able to add skins or somewhat more cosmetic objects, which do not affect skills but can intimidate your opponents.

buy dota 2 compendium with credit card

Any of these advantages will be useful for unlock new achievementsHowever, if you want to play without any compendium, there is no problem.

How to buy Compendium?

The payment method for the battle pass is varied, you can buy it through your Paypal account, with a credit card, either visa or Mastercard, To do this, you must first have the game and Steam installed on your computer, then you must open the game, and go to the section that says “battle pass”, here you will click on the box and the 3 options will appear.

You have the level one pack, which is around $ 10, you also have the level 50 one, which costs about $ 30 and finally the level 100 battle pack, this round for $ 45, prices may change depending on the season you are in, but they almost always stay.

Once you have chosen the one you want, it will ask you to select the payment methodIn the event that you have a credit card, and you have never made payments through the platform before, you will have to provide some data, such as the expiration date, the security code, be very careful and just give it data to Steam, and not to third-party pages.

In case you want to pay with your PayPal account, Steam offers a very fast service, when adding the purchase to the cart, you will be given a link redirecting you to PayPalTo certify the purchase, log in with your account, press buy, and that’s it.

How to give Compedio to a friend?

Once you have bought your battle pass, and that you can enjoy everything that he offers, you can give as many as you want to your close friends, this is a simple process and facilitates the relationship between the players of the franchise.

Compendium in dota 2 without card

When you get a compendium, a special menu will open, in which you can manage your compendiums, see your achievements and even speak through the global chat, on the right side of the screen, there are two buttons, we must select the one that says “Give away a battle pass.”

When doing so, the purchase menu will be loaded, where we can choose which pass we want to give and select which friend to give it to, it should be noted that you can only give it to people who have on your friends list for at least one or two monthsBefore this, you will not have the option.

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