How to buy in Mercado Libre and pay for your purchases in Oxxo step by step

The OXXO stores every day they are becoming more known in Latin America. Its trading capacity is used to be very profitable and position itself on the list of the best convenience store chains of the moment in the southern hemisphere of the American continent.

Mercado Libre has a commercial link with said chain of stores in order to distribute their services and products, making purchase and sale transactions a comfortable process for users of the online platform. If you want to know more about this relationship, keep reading.

What is OXXO and what does its sales consist of?

Under the influence of American culture in Mexico, for several decades ago, the convenience store system guided by a commercial chain nationwide.

OXXO is a store created in the 70s in that nation, originally as a brewery with sales of a only type of beer and other legal drugs. Over the years, subjected to the commercial impulse, it added more products to its dispensary, until now it has become this chain of stores distributed throughout Mexico.

An OXXO store is characterized by keeping open your services 24 hours a day, serving any client, offering products of a different nature.

oxxo customer makes purchases with free market

So diverse is its sale that it is possible to find butcher shop, groceries, bakery, cookies, snacks, ice cream shop and many more products. It offers different services such as telephone payment, gift cards, payment of services and even national and international money transfers (just like AriTM).

How is OXXO related to Mercado Libre?

In the previous section, at the end of it, the relationship between OXXO stores and the enormous online platform, Free market.

Sending money to a national address, between OXXO stores, which is the most common, and internationally, is the mechanism by which these two large companies are linked.

Purchases and sales in Mercado Libre can be made or executed through this commercial connection, where it is not only easy to pay for purchases but there is also an important factor: time.

The time in which the purchase becomes effective once it is paid through this link, now, after an agreement made in 2017 between both companies, is minimal and the money can immediately reach its destination, facilitating and streamlining sending the product to complete the Mercado Libre transaction.

It should be noted that through this agreement, OXXO and Mercado Libre, no chance is given to a commission for the chain of stores, you have to pay as a buyer on the online platform.

No, the only cost What you will pay when you buy a product from a seller in Mercado Libre is the one stipulated in the best-known purchase and sale page in Latin America.

How to buy in Mercado Libre and pay for your purchases in OXXO? Step by Step

Purchases in Mercado Libre can be made in different ways, through credit and debit card, through monthly payments without interest, external agreements between buyer and seller, Mercado Pago and now, with the link OXXO-MercadoLibre, products can be purchased through the OXXO convenience store chain.

shopping in oxxo

This payment method is more than simple, and is specially designed for those who do not have conventional means, such as credit cards, but do have the monetary resources to buy a product in Mercado Libre.

The process begins with the search for your product and contacting the seller. From here, informing previously, you only have to enter Mercado Pago, click on Operations, then the option Pay Now, and select as last the OXXO payment method.

Then you must print your payment coupon, as if it were printing a Mercado Envíos label, and then go to an OXXO store encouraged to make the payment, with the help of an assistant and the barcode scan of your coupon.

Immediately, Mercado Libre will notify both parties of the purchase payment, to the seller, and the future shipment of the product, to the buyer. Simpler, impossible.

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