How to Buy in the League of Legends Store? – LoL purchases (Example)

Understanding how to shop in the League of Legends store can be vital to your game strategy, especially when you need something on the go. This process it’s quite simple and once you understand it there will be no need to look for a tutorial again to remember any step.

Before entering the League of Legends virtual store, you will first be interested in knowing how you can put money in the game.

What should you do to buy from the League of Legends store?

If you are just starting out in the game, you may not know that there are three ways to enter the store to make purchases in League of Legends. You can click on the character that represents the sales site, click the space where it is denoted how many coins you have or press the letter “P”.

Having done this, you will be able to view the store and all the objects that you can acquire, some are specific or recommended for your champion and others are in common use. To make the purchase it is necessary that you look between the sections, where you will have single-use objects and others for multiple uses.

Once you decide that you want to buy, the first way is, if you do not know the object very well, click once to see its characteristics and then press “To buy”. The second way to make the purchase is simpler, by double clicking on the object you will have already bought it, something ideal when you are in battle.

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How to shop the League of Legends store wisely?

Although it may not seem like it, this game requires you to be cunning and very calculating, especially if you want to defeat your enemies to get great loot. One of the things that deserves more analysis and cunning is the purchase of objects, especially when you are in battle.

If you want to make purchases intelligently, you must analyze the situation in which you find yourself, be careful with the recommended objects in the store. These are usually items that are recommended to improve your champion, but they are not always the most ideal when playing.

You must consider what kind of battle you are in, to know what kinds of things you should buy, for example, do not buy magic protection if you fight an assassin. This you must analyze it quickly and buy the right items at the right time so you don’t risk your champion or your team.

Also take care of the possibility of buying elements that can be combined to achieve better objects, always thinking about giving protection and more longevity to your champion. Each item has a specific use and that is how the store is divided, therefore, you can easily buy only what you need.

If at any time you want to buy a champion or Skin, do not worry that this can also be reimbursed.

Where do you get the money to buy in the League of Legends store?

In the store it is bought with golden coins, which you can obtain during your battles, these are awarded every time you kill a minion. These change the amount of coins around the game, but the more attacks the more gold you will earn, You can get some gold if you destroy the towers.


The beasts of the forest also give you coins, basically, it is an easy reward to receive and that per game can have a good remuneration. Keep in mind that these coins are only awarded for a final blow. It is say when defeating the minion, therefore, the more you defeat, the more money you will have.

What’s stopping you from buying from the League of Legends store?

You should know that the store can only open when you are on base. That is, you cannot buy during a battle or anywhere on the map. This is good that you handle it to avoid attacking an enemy when you do not have the necessary implements, Always remember to play smart and smart.

A lot of the money you spend on the game may seem insignificant to you at the moment. But with the passage of time when you add up all the small purchases you have made you may be surprised at how much you have spent. League of Legends allows you to calculate the expenses you have made in the game.

If you are a fan of League of Legends, taking care of your game will be a primary task for you, I know how to protect your progress or your purchases, that is why for greater security we recommend that you change your password to a more secure one.

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