How to buy in Tiendamia online if I live in Peru

Currently there is a great variety of digital platforms that offer Internet users to make their purchases through web pages, one of these pages is Tiendamia, which is very popular in the medium; but, How do I buy at Tiendamia if I live in Peru?

Buy items online It has become a recurring activity for everyone, since it offers the ease of acquiring the things you like and want from the comfort of your home just by clicking on your computer; for this reason Tiendamia is one of the best and safest options of the moment in terms of virtual stores.

How to buy in Tiendamia from Peru?

First, you must open the websiteOnce this is done and within the platform, you will have to locate the search engine that is in the middle of the screen.

After having chosen the product, you must add it to your shopping cart, within the cart you can see in detail the costs of import shipments, among which the internal Tax stands out, which are the taxes that are charged in the United States for acquiring the product, shipping to Peru, which is the equivalent of international shipping.

Finally within the shipping costs, you will find the cost per kilo which is the equivalent of the total weight of the purchased product, after that you finish the purchase in the Finish purchase button.

buy shop if I live in Peru

In the event that you are not registered, you will be asked to do so with your Google or Facebook account and when you do so you proceed to fill out the submission form where you must specifically place your home address

Finally, select your favorite shipping method, you observe the total payment and choose the payment method with which you will make the purchase, after this your purchase is ready and you will receive a confirmation to the email provided and in a few days you will have your purchase at home.

What is Tiendamia?

Tiendamia is a platform or virtual domain that is based in the city of Miami in the United States, This large business is responsible for selling products and items to the whole world, delivering the purchased merchandise to the buyer’s address.

The great offer that this platform has is that it has more than 1000 million original and last generation products of the best and most exclusive US storesTherefore, they have a variety of categories such as footwear, electronics, fashion, books, sports equipment and household utensils.

This virtual store also exposes outstanding products from EBay, Amazon and Walmart, including in the prices the original offers of the United States stores.

Tiendamia ships its products to many countries Around the world, however, it has focused on the Latin American market, encompassing several countries in this area, among which Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay stand out.

With the intention of reducing the delay time of a shipment and improving the experience in the purchase process, Tiendamia has been in charge of shipping to these places, emphasizing Peru, logistics partners that guarantee orders on time.

Order delay time and payment types

The time it takes for an order to reach the destination always depends on the fact that there is no problem in filling in the form, the address added, paperwork or border Customs of the countries where the package is entering.

buy in online store

In this sense, currently the shipment of a product to the city of Lima takes approximately 12 days and if it has to be moved to some Peruvian province, the total number of days for product delivery is up to 14 days.

The payment method is specified on the platform, however this could be done in different currencies such as dollars, euros or any variety of pesos, in addition to Tiendamia gives option to pay in several installments the total amount of the product purchased.

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