How to Buy or Pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription? (Example)

If you are still unaware of the latest from Microsoft for Xbox, don’t worry, you can update your knowledge about it below. The new game pass for Xbox is already among the gamer community, waiting for them to be acquired. But, you most likely wonder how to pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

A whole new world of options opens up to you with this Xbox game add-on. It is the closest thing to “Netflix of video games”, with an enviable and quite complete catalog of options to start with.

Why should you pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription? Know its benefits!

In general, it is a simple procedure which is done through the Microsoft page for Xbox. Every day there are more demands that the popular technology platform receives in relation to the famous video game console and it is not for less.

In addition to an unbeatable price, availability in different countries and currencies, coupled with various methods and forms of payment, the subscription seems idyllic. But, if you still have doubts about it and you are satisfied with just activating and having Xbox Live Gold or another Game Pass, you should keep reading.

Extensive and improved game catalog!

More than 200 games available in the catalog offered by Microsoft Studio will be at your disposal through this game pass. Without any hesitation, it is a juicy alternative to perfectly enjoy a good afternoon in the company of your closest friends.

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The best of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass together

Yes, this is how you read it. All the Xbox Live Gold package and features will be available in this same section. Therefore, paying for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription rewards the user with the best of “both sidewalks”, without excluding any aspect.

As if that weren’t enough, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, too integrates Game Pass modes for PC and console in a single wildcard. So, in short, you will no longer have limitations when it comes to gameplay.

Great price, discounts and promotions

The price to cancel in a subscription to the best Xbox games pass, is in 12.99 euros per month. However, it has cancellation plans for 3, 6 or 12 months respectively.

Similarly, by accessing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you get all kinds of discounts and promotions on games. You will always boast the best of the best in this area, with the most striking economic and essential conditions on the market.

Follow these steps to buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! There is no loss

When you are determined to invest money to pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you must first access its official website. Next, if you haven’t, you should sign in with your Microsoft account in order to move forward with the process. Continuing with the sequence of steps, locate the “Join” button on the web page and click without hesitation on it.

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If you paid attention to the subject correctly, you will remember that paying the subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with everything included represents a total of 12.99 euros. If not, do not worry, the platform also reflects how much and how to cancel according to your demands, as well as the rest of the steps to follow.

If the process is carried out from your console, log in the same way, select “Store” and then “Xbox Game Pass”. On the other hand, you can use the code of an Xbox gift card and purchase the benefits of the game pass.

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