How to Calibrate the Battery of an iPhone Phone for a Longer Charge Time? (Example)

When we use our IPhone phone we want it to have the battery well inserted and recharged. But, it is no secret to anyone that as time passes, they lose strength and they do not perform as much as we want and want extend the life of the battery of our iPhone. Well, a trick that we want to show you in this post is how you can calibrate the battery of an iPhone phone so that it lasts for a charge.

Like runners participating in a race they need a lot of energy to reach the goal and when they are about to start the competition they find themselves, so to speak, with their batteries well placed and recharged, but that energy can be depleted just like our IPhone, keep reading and you will get practical suggestions so that the power of your mobile performs as well. necessary.


How can we know if the battery needs to be calibrated?

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Our phone’s batteries tend to get out of balance. This is noticeable when we connect them to the charger so that they charge to 100% and when unplugging it goes to 99% or much less without even touching a button. Also, it can be noticed in the battery level that, at some point, they begin to turn off, although this should occur in 1%, but the low battery notification begins and suddenly our IPhone turns off

low battery level

We could also rely on a tool that comes with the iPhone that allows us to know in what state of health the battery is. As long as you can see the iPhone battery percentage that does not drop below 80%, it is considered to be in good condition. The device itself will give us an indication when something is wrong with it. If we go to the «Settings» in the «Battery«And then» Battery health «we can find the information.

The best alternative for our battery

Taking the above into account, and if we already consider that it must be calibrated, then we begin to carry out this process, which is, by the way, quite simple. The first thing we will do is plug our device into the charger and wait for it to reach a 100% of your load. Then, use the cell phone normally, while it is still plugged in, for two to three hours.

Now the goal is download it totally. To do this, we unplug the iPhone and continue to use it as we regularly do, although some fear that it may explode their mobile battery while charging. Try to open applications that consume a lot of power so that it downloads as soon as possible. When it has been turned off, it must be left in that state for a period of approximately 6 hours.

person using their mobile application that consumes battery

After this time, we return to connect it to the charger and wait for 6 hours so that it can charge the battery. Keep in mind that during this period it must remain off, so we will achieve a full charge. By completing the hours you will have managed to calibrate the battery of your IPhone phone and you will see the difficulties that you presented with it diminished.

Among the benefits that we can have by practicing this action on the battery is being able to know what the real state of its charge is. Too, will give you a longer shelf life which will allow that, in the hours where you use your device, you can have a better performance in the battery life. Keep in mind that depending on the wear and tear of the battery, the process will be more effective or not.

We all like that the charging our phone’s battery IPhone last a long time. In this post we have shown how to calibrate the battery of the IPhone phone so that the charge lasts longer and so to speak give it a little oxygen to help it perform better. Has the information been useful to you? Let us know by leaving us your comment.

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