How to Cancel a Missing Uber Trip and Request a Refund

The issue of mobility, speed and efficiency are essential today. But to this we must always add safety and comfort, no one wants to travel feeling unsafe, retarded, and overstressed. One of the great tools that help us with that is Uber, which has an application that you can install on your phone.

This application is famous for its efficiency, and for the ease of creating an account in it. It is also clear about the feasibility of use and great company commitment and the workers. However, remember that you work with the human element, and it can fail. So we will teach you how to cancel an Uber trip that does not arrive and request a refund.

Is it normal that my Uber does not arrive?

Of course it is not, to start from there, the factors that influence the absence or lateness of your Uber, may be due in the first instance to a failure in the service request. Therefore, knowing how to order an Uber is the basis to rule out possibilities and not go through the self-imposed anxiety of my Uber’s delay, if that is the case.

Therefore, as using the Uber application is extremely simple if due attention is paid to it from the beginning, you do not play with time and less with money. Thus, there must be a balance Between the two, if you are going to pay for a service, it is logical that it should be the ideal. As for the arrival time, it should be as short as possible.

Now, let’s remember that everything is possible in the world, and there may be the case, where your Uber does not arrive, due to unknown circumstances or events For the user, we cannot know the causes behind the absence of an Uber that we request. But if we can know how is the process to cancel the trip and request a refund of the money.

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How to cancel an Uber that does not arrive?

By default, the cancellation is the notice to the company that something is wrong, and this translates into the beginning of the process for the money refund, as well as the process for requesting a new trip. So running it is always essential for the administrative process.

In the same way, it is a warning to the company to supervise and make sure that everything is going well with the driver, since the causes of his absence are unknown. Is it a tool or a action that benefits all three, to you as a user, to the driver in case something unforeseen happens, and to the company that looks after the interests and well-being of both.

Therefore, to carry out this process only follow these simple steps that will help you in your trip cancellation in Uber:

Within the appAt the bottom of the screen, we can see the information section presented under the outline of a bar.

Once there, the cancellation option. You must be in absolute security to proceed, remember that the benefit of the doubt is and may be that the Uber is yet to come.

If you are already in full security that it did not arrive or will arrive, requires the Cancel option, the application will ask you if you are safe to cancel, if so, check the “yes” option.

At this point, the cancellation was successful, so you can immediately proceed to the refund request or money back.

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How to request a refund for an Uber trip that did not arrive?

Entering the application screen, we go back to the upper left section where we will see a menu. Once there, enter the section titled as: “your trips”.

How to choose the route in question, that is the one that just got canceled. Or failing that, you will go directly to the “help” section and there you will mark the options according to the events that you consider to be happening, remember that each case is individual because different detail options are mentioned. Once that is done, press send. The refund will be automatic.

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