How to Cancel a Printing of a Document in Queue That Is Not Canceled? (Example)

Often times, the printing process turns into a nightmare when we try to cancel a document but the administrator does not execute this command. Rather, the printer continues its work. If you want to know How to cancel a queued document printing that is not canceled?, then pay attention to this interesting article.

How to cancel a queued document printing that is not canceled?

It is possible that we send a text file to the printer by mistake or we try to print a document without having ink, for example. So, we look for the option “Cancel print” but the device keeps printing without executing the instruction. In this circumstance we say that the printer has been blocked.

Next, we explain everything you need to know about the printing process and a procedure for canceling the printing of a spooled document that is not canceled.

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What is the print queue?

The print queue is a list of jobs waiting for their turn to print. It is generated when several documents are sent to print to a single device, which in this case is the printer. As the memory buffer The printer does not store all jobs, it creates a print queue and they are temporarily stored there.

The print queue can be controlled and managed by special applications for printers or directly from the print manager of the Windows system.

What is the memory buffer?

The memory buffer is a small memory space that printers have for store a part of the information given by the computer. In this way, the computer can continue processing other tasks while the printer does its job.

It is important to note that the greater the memory space or “buffer” The faster the printing process will be, which is why some users choose professional printers to perform this activity optimally.

Where can I see the print queue?

If you have Windows 10 and you want to see the items stored in the print queue, you must go to the “start menu” and locate the magnifying glass icon on the taskbar. There, write “Printers and scanners” and press the “Enter” key.

A new window will open with a panel divided into two parts. On the left, choose “Printers and scanners.” Then look for the option “Open queue” and so you can see what is being printed and the list of elements that are waiting to be printed.

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Cancels a print of a spooled document that is not canceled

If you have already selected the option “Cancel print” but the printer continues to carry out its work, it means that the processes have been blocked and therefore you need to carry out the following steps:

Step 1. Access the Windows CMD command window to cancel the printing of a queued document

To do this, go to system finder in the task bar and type cmd, press the “Enter” key and click the right mouse button on the executable file “cmd.exe”. Then choose “Run as administrator.” In this way, you will be able to open the Windows command window.

Step 2. Use the command window

Immediately, you will visualize the command window. There, you must type net stop spooler. Then, without closing CMD, follow this path “C: WINDOWS system32 spool PRINTERS” and proceed to delete the document of your choice. Also, you can delete the entire list of items in order to clean the print queue if you consider it necessary.

Step 3. Return to the command window

It’s time to go back to the command window so you can type net start spooler. Consequently, the print service is resumed with the items contained in the folder PRINTERS.

Step 4. Refresh the print queue view after canceling a document printing

If you still see the jobs in the print manager, it means that you must update the queue. In this case, press the “View” button and then “Update”. Consequently, the document that you previously canceled will disappear. If at any time you need to fix the printer not activated error in Windows, try updating the drivers and / or reinstalling the printer software.

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