How to Cancel a Purchase in Google Play Store on my Android Easily (Example)

When you have an Android device, the best thing you can opt for is the ability to have one of the largest application stores in the world. It is considered by many users as one of the most useful in the market, thanks to its extensive library of mobile app.

Google Play Store, it is exactly the online store we are referring to, it has around a million and a half applications, within its catalog, which can be immediately classified by two categories: free apps and those that are paid. All this without counting on the wide number of options that it offers you between movies, series and music. The best of all is that it is not only available for your mobile or pc, but you can also access this store from your TV.

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In the case of applications, it is quite common for some people to feel disappointed when downloading and not feel comfortable with the options that it offers them. However, the landscape here changes when this application has been paid with your own money.

Within this post, we want to detail you step by step, how to make a refund or cancellation of an application within the platform Play Store, without the need to waste money.

Steps to get my money back and cancel a purchase

Each of the methods described here is special for a common platform or, failing that, for an operating system; learn how to do it in the following list:

From your Android device

  1. Start by opening the Google Play Store application on your mobile device and logging in with the account you have added.
  2. Once inside, you must proceed to touch on the menu icon in order to access the option “My account”.
  3. Once inside, you must select the application or, failing that, the game you want to return and press the “Get refund” button.
  4. Once pressed, it will ask you to confirm the return and together with it, together with the uninstallation of said application.
  5. You press the “yes” button and everything will be Ready!

When you complete all the steps, you will see that it will disappear from your terminal and in a couple of seconds, your money will have been refunded, so you will receive an email to proceed with the confirmation

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From your computer

  1. Comize as in the previous step, accessing the Google Play Store platform, through your preferred web browser.
  2. Once you have entered, you only have to access the icon of the Turkish that you will find in the upper section and once there, you must enter the option “My account”.
  3. Again, go to the menu icon and then to the application or game you want to return to get your refund.
  4. Locate yourself on the section of “Report a problem“And after that in”I want to request a refundThere you will be presented with a special format, in which you must describe in a very brief way, what are the reasons why you want the return of the product to be made and then the refund of the application. When you have completed that section, you must click on “Send”.
  5. And with this everything will be ready, you can wait for the application to be accepted and you will receive your refund which will arrive in an email which will confirm it.

However, it is important that you read and understand about this reimbursement system, since google has implemented several strict measures, which ensure that reimbursements are made under strict measures.

For example, the fact that the refund can only be made as long as no more than two hours have passed from the moment of installation. After those two hours, only the uninstall button will appear. Remember to always keep this app store updated so that you can enjoy all its functions.

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