How to Cancel an Order on Wish that I Made by Mistake Very Easy! (Example)

When it comes to shopping today, a small fear of going out arises and this is motivated by the pandemic that is currently hitting the world. But it turns out that a very recurring trend is being implemented and it is the use of virtual stores, such as Wish.

What does this mean, online or internet purchases and in this article we are going to teach you what you should do to cancel an order on Wish that I made by mistake Very easy!

As you may already know, Wish is an online store that offers you a wide variety of products from China. Perhaps this is an impediment to buying, but it turns out that there is another virtual store like Aliexpress that you can buy safely and that also sells products from China and currently has huge volumes of sales in its merchandise.

What is really important is that this Wish online sales platform offers its customers a large number of high quality products with competitive prices. It also offers you from its application or from its official website, a simple way to track the purchased product, make returns and even cancel an order on Wish that I made by mistake Very easy!

How to cancel an order on Wish that I have made by mistake Very easy!

Wish is a virtual store, like many that exist, in which you can place your orders and make purchase orders for any product that is offered in the different categories that you will find. As you already know, you can access it from the application that you will download to your mobile phone. Either this IOS or Android or from the main page, where you can enter from your personal computer.

cancel purchase wish

Below we will indicate the steps you must follow so that you can without any problem cancel an order that you have placed in error. The instructions that we show you here are made from the Wish App, but they are perfectly valid to be used from the website from your computer, so let’s get started.

Step to cancel an order on Wish that I have made by mistake

The first thing we must do is go to the Wish App from our mobile phone and we will log in and go to the options menu. There we must click on the Order history option that is normally found below the shopping cart option. This action will allow a new window to appear with a list of the items you have ordered.

A button appears at the bottom of the item you want to cancel Contact Helpdesk, click on it. Then you must choose the option I want to cancel my order, but it is important that you keep in mind that the company allows you to cancel an order if you do it 8 hours before, otherwise it is very likely that your item has already been shipped.

If not, and the time that Wish allows you to cancel a purchase has passed, then you must request a refund. Remember also that cancellations are free and will not generate any extra charge. If you want to request a refund then you must do what we will indicate below.

You just have to enter the Order History and look for the item, then you will use the virtual chat so that you can request a refund. A yellow box will appear asking you if the item has passed the delivery date and you have not received it yet. And you will have two options, you must click on the NO option.

cancel purchase accessories wish

The next step is to choose the option Contact the technical assistance service and they will place two options again and you must click on the NO option. Now a message will appear indicating that you can receive a refund. And in this case you must click on the option I want to receive a refund.

Now you will only have to indicate how you want to receive the refund, if you choose the cash option, it will reach your account directly within 10 business days. And so easy you can cancel an order on Wish.

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